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Kari Lake trashes corrupt election rigging in Arizona after discovery of multiple ‘voting issues’ in Republican-heavy districts

Kari Lake trashes corrupt election rigging in Arizona after discovery of multiple ‘voting issues’ in Republican-heavy districts

(Natural News) Once again, Arizona has become the center of all that is wrong with our electoral processes in 2022 America.

Once upon a time in every state in the union, elections could be called on the same night they were held because the vast majority of Americans were required to vote on one day, and in person. But in recent years, leftist efforts to change our balloting to include lengthy voting periods, mass vote-by-mail schemes, and other changes have, unsurprisingly, led to a wave of Democrat victories in states like Arizona and Georgia that have historically been red, and in a very short period of time.

Case in point: Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake allegedly lost her bid to become governor to a Democratic candidate, Katie Hobbs, who a) has been busted twice for racism; b) hardly campaigned; c) refused to debate Lake; and d) just happens to be secretary of state, the top election official in Arizona.

Lake outlined the problems she saw and others related to her during a Monday evening interview on Fox News with Jesse Watters, just hours before media outlets called the race for Hobbs.

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“If she comes out ahead at the end of this thing, how would you legally go about challenging this?” Watters asked.

“I can’t imagine our version of Joe Biden, Katie Hobbs, would win. She didn’t campaign, she hid in her basement. She is a twice-convicted racist. I can’t believe the people of Arizona would vote for her and that she would win,” Lake said.

“But if that’s what happens at the end of the day, how do you certify an election that is this botched? And she’s the one that would certify her own election where it was botched. Where the machines didn’t work in more than a third of the polling centers,” she went on.

“I don’t know how we remedy this but the people of Arizona are furious. They are reaching out to us by the thousands saying I don’t think my vote even was counted. I didn’t even get a chance to vote. There were so many hoops to jump through. I had to go because my daughter had a track meet or my work wasn’t going to give me four hours off or six hours off to vote. It’s outrageous what happened,” Lake continued.

“We had lines that were three and four hours long in retirement areas, where people were old. And all of this happens in Republican areas. My area, where I was going to vote, the printer didn’t work. There wasn’t enough toner in the printer. So I went to a liberal part of town and got right in and out in about 15 minutes. It’s funny how that works in Arizona,” she told Watters.


Others noted and documented similar problems, including Floyd Brown, founder of the Phoenix-based Western Journal.

Learning more about the illegal schemes used by Maricopa County to disenfranchise voters. According to the election rules, the malfunctioning machines should have been taken out of service. Instead the corrupt officials @stephen_richer didn’t shut them down,” he tweeted this week.

As of this writing, his race has not yet been called; he is neck-and-neck with Democratic opponent Kris Mayes. Both are tied at 50 percent, but with around 85,000 votes left to count she has a small lead.

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