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King George III…kill the messengers! (Sound Familiar?)

King George III…kill the messengers! (Sound Familiar?)

Can’t we all just get along?

Only a handful of members of the Continental Congress were ready to break away from Britain. In a last-ditch attempt to go around the British Parliament, those who hoped for peace sent a letter directly to King George, hoping he was ignorant of the abuses the colonists were suffering at the hands of his officers and agents. The document became known as the Olive Branch Letter, and it was rejected immediately by the King and Parliament. War ensued.

King George III responded to the letter by attacking those who challenged his policies or resisted his military and civil agents. Declaring the colonist’s requests for fair treatment as treasonous, he railed against the members of the Continental Congress as “dangerous and ill-designing men,” threatening to hang them all.

In order to suppress further dissent, the King demanded that his agents, military commanders, and loyal subjects report “all traitorous conspiracies and attempts against us.” The King and his agents were concerned about the number of printing presses being used to publish newspapers and pamphlets, educating the colonists and fanning the flames of rebellion.

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The Crown controlled many of the major newspapers (sound familiar), but not the smaller independent ones. Silencing voices misaligned with official propaganda was essential in quelling the rebellion. As part of his offensive strategy, his agents destroyed many presses and commanded all loyal subjects to report on anyone creating or distributing conspiratorial material.

Then and Now 1775-2019 what’s changed?

Realizing the dark similarities between the unsympathetic attitude of King George III towards the plight of his colonists, and our own congressional leaders’ indifference to the people who elected them, it is easier to understand how federal agencies have been used to set upon anyone who dares speak up…and why Congress turns a blind eye.

Kill the messengers

Declaring conspiracy theories as domestic terrorism, the FBI published the following statement: “Conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts (FBI August 2019).” There you have it…got to “protect” the public from those who question authority. There’s no telling what the sheep might do if someone whispered the truth in their ears!

Civil agents lock arms with the Deep State

Despite the Kabuki theater playing out in Washington portraying a war against Big Tech, don’t believe for a minute the alphabet agencies and government leaders aren’t benefitting from the snooping that takes place online on their behalf. We see what these groups have done for China, assisting the monitoring and censoring of their citizens. Add information from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social platform and you realize what’s stored in that huge Utah data Center, or one of the dozen or so other government or private computers.

We the people cannot allow ourselves or our neighbors to be muffled or gagged by anyone, most especially the same government that is now coming after anyone who questions their authority or motives.

Support the modern-day pamphleteers of the internet!

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