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Lawmakers now being targeted and PUNISHED for demanding election integrity

Lawmakers now being targeted and PUNISHED for demanding election integrity


(Natural News) For daring to defend free and fair elections, three Republican state senators in Georgia have been demoted and stripped of their chairmanships.

Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a Republican, has decided that state Sens. Brandon Beach, Matt Bass, and Burt Jones all need to be put in permanent timeout for the role they played in trying to protect the 2020 election from being hijacked through fraud.

None of these three will have any further role on a committee that handles state transportation issues. Jones was also pulled from chairing the Insurance and Labor Committee.

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“It doesn’t take long to connect the dots,” Jones said. “There were a few of us fighting for election integrity. And it just so happens that the ones who were doing that no longer have their chairmanships.”

While Bass is still a chairman, he has been “downgraded” from his earlier post as head of the committee that will oversee the redrawing of Georgia’s counties later this year.

“I won’t put myself in the penalty box and be silenced by what I think is right and what I think the people who voted me [in] here would want me to do,” Jones added in a statement.

Jones is sticking by the principle that he and his supportive colleagues “can’t let petty politics get in the way of wanting to see a glaring problem with our elections remedied.”

“It will have to be remedied through the legislative process,” he added. “We will keep trying to get that accomplished.”

Kemp, Duncan and Raffensperger all committed treason

Another of Jones’ stated goals is to “call out” Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, who oversaw Georgia’s fake “audit” and “recount” of ballots from the fraudulent 2020 election.

Back in March, Raffensperger also signed a consent agreement with the Democrat Party that altered the statutory signature requirements for all mail-in and absentee ballots issued throughout the state.

Immediately after the fraudulent election, a group of 11 state senators, led by Beach, called for a special legislative session to address concerns about this agreement before the January senate run-off election. Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, and Duncan both shot it down.

“My constituents are concerned about that consent decree. It was signed off by the secretary of state and was not voted on by the General Assembly,” Beach said.

“The problem with that agreement is that the poor man or woman that stands in line for two hours has to show their license, have their signature matched, [and then they] get their vote cast.”

On the other hand, those who received absentee ballots in the mail without proper identification or signature matching had their “votes” counted equally, making those who stood in line and did things correctly “feel like their vote was diluted because of this agreement by the secretary of state.”

In the state senate last month, Brass and other Republican lawmakers slammed Raffensperger’s actions, and Kemp and Duncan’s signing off on it. All three of these traitors need to be held accountable for manipulating the election and effectively throwing it.

“We have heard evidence that state law was not followed, time after time after time,” Brass said during the hearing.

Beach and Jones later backed a lawsuit filed by a coalition of seven states against four battleground states where election fraud was detected. The suit named Georgia as a plaintiff, and primarily cited Raffensperger’s illicit rule changes that were imposed without a proper vote by the legislature.

These same senators continued their fight into January, petitioning Mike Pence to delay congressional certification of the Electoral College results. Pence apparently never received this letter, or chose to go through with the certification regardless.

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