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Leaked documents show that Google and the FTC have been engaged in a decades-long criminal cover-up

Leaked documents show that Google and the FTC have been engaged in a decades-long criminal cover-up

(Natural News) Google’s team of lawyers made a huge mistake with the release of key documents requested by a group of state attorneys general.

Portions of the documents that should have been redacted were left in plain sight, revealing illegal behavior on Google’s part with regards to its massive advertising monopoly.

Google’s online advertising marketplace, we now know, has long been secretly rigged under a scheme known as “Project Bernanke.”

As explained by Matt Stoller, the scheme allowed Google to have “one arm of its ad business front-running trades for ad inventory,” which the company used to award itself “hundreds of millions of dollars a year by giving itself a better position in the auctions.”

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We also now know that Facebook was also involved.

“The agreement was signed by, among other individuals, Philipp Schindler, Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operation Officer.”

Not only is this little operation illegal, but it is also criminal. Such collusion and rigging of the online advertising ecosystem is about as illicit as it gets when it comes to Big Tech’s monopolistic behavior.

That this all went on in secret for so many years speaks volumes as to the failure of our current regulatory system in keeping companies in check. Stoller explains it even better:

“Today, big business in America is far too secretive, with an endless thicket of confidentiality rules, trade secrets law, and deferential judges and enforcers who think that revealing public information about big business is some sort of scandal,” he writes.

“It’s so bad that when the FDA asked pharmaceutical companies where their manufacturing plants were at the beginning of the pandemic, some firms cited trade secrets rules and refused to divulge the information.”

Google and Facebook both need to be disbanded

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) could have brought a case against Google back in 2012 when much was already known about the company’s antitrust criminality. The regulatory body failed to do so, however, because it works with Google against We the People.

They say that God works in mysterious ways, however, and Google’s lawyer’s failure to cover up for his client by accidentally spilling the beans serves as poetic justice that one’s sins tend to eventually find him out.

In this case, Google’s collective sins as one of the world’s most evil corporations are now on fully display for the world to see. The company could not care less about following things like laws – those are for the peasants – and now everybody knows it.

Stoller notes that there is a lot to learn about this hilarious blunder. First, he says, judges redact far too much information under the guise of protecting “business proprietary information” when the reality is that what they redact is often incriminating details about illicit behavior.

“The court system is supposed to be a public accounting,” he notes.

Secondly, lawyers, no matter how much money they charge, are not gods and we should stop looking at them in such a manner. Google and other large corporations pay them the big buck so they can thwart having to abide by the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

“The Financial Services Industry has long been the clear leader in criminal activity – Google Bernanke name for its criminal front-running activity was no accident,” wrote one of Stoller’s commenters.

“Second, of course, is Big Pharma, which routinely writes checks for billion-dollar fines, but this time it’s for killing people rather than just robbing them – and thank God the Feds pick up the tab for vaccines.”

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