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Leaked military documents show that ivermectin “works throughout all phases” of covid… so why has the medical establishment SUPPRESSED it for two years?

Leaked military documents show that ivermectin “works throughout all phases” of covid… so why has the medical establishment SUPPRESSED it for two years?

(Natural News) Another major bombshell has been found by Project Veritas in leaked military documents.

It turns out that ivermectin, which has largely been banned in the United States ever since the plandemic started, is highly effective at treating the Fauci Flu.

A section of the document reveals that ivermectin was “identified as curative in April 2020” because it “works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.”

You read that right: The government knows and fully admits, at least to other government insiders, that ivermectin is a cure for covid that has been kept out of the hands of the American people for political and eugenics reasons.

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Also admitted in the same document is the fact that hydroxychloroquine is also a curative substance for covid. It is outlined as a “SARSr-Cov inhibitor,” as is interferon.

The plan, as we now see, was to deprive the public of curative agents like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in order to steer the herd straight into remdesivir (which Tony Fauci partially owns) as well as the “vaccines” introduced by Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump under Operation Warp Speed.

Leaked military documents admit that covid vaccines do not protect against any covid variants

Another revelation in the documents explains that EcoHealth Alliance, in its proposal to DARPA for funding, admitted that the “vaccine approach lacks sufficient epitope coverage to protect against quasispecies of coronavirus.”

What this means, of course, is that any new mutation or variant that occurs in deviation from the original SARS-CoV-2 can easily bypass the injections and their associated “boosters.”

Not only that, but the jabs are “potentially detrimental,” the documents go on to reveal, because they damage the immune system’s antibody response, particularly to other covid variants.

While an unvaccinated person who becomes exposed to the original Fauci Flu and recovers develops permanent immunity to all mutations and variants, the same cannot be said for the fully vaccinated, whose bodies will not be able to handle encountering them.

This is where the AIDS thesis of these injections comes into play, meaning the fully vaccinated are basically undergoing a process of immune wasting much like an AIDS patient.

“The nature of using a spike protein vaccine with one epitope against a spike protein vaccine with a quasispecies may explain the unusual (and potentially detrimental) antibody response amongst the vaccinated to the new COVID variants,” the documents read.

Fundamentally, the knowledge the proposal provides signals that the risk of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) from vaccination should be evaluated with high priority, on top of the reality that single-epitope vaccines will have little effect against SARSr-CoV-WIV, as indicated in the proposal.”

All of this would have been written before there were even any vaccines available, at least as far as the public was aware. It was also before there really even was a plandemic, again at least as far as the public was aware.

Meanwhile, cheap, safe and effective ivermectin is so taboo now that doctors are actually being threatened with termination for prescribing it to their patients.

If this is not evidence enough to convince you that the powers that be want you dead and not “safe” as they claim, well, then perhaps nothing will.

“Who here made it through the biggest psy-op in history and didn’t get jabbed? Congrats!” joked one commenter at Zero Hedge.

“Yep, the biggest con in American history,” responded another. “Why is Fauci still a free man?”

“Not only do they know that ivermectin works, they know that high dose IV vitamin C works miracles even in the most critical of cases,” noted another.

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