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Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it “triggers” them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism

Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it “triggers” them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism

(Natural News) The Antichrist spirit is alive and well in Italy, where a local cemetery in the tiny town of Pieve di Cento, located just north of Bologna, wants to cover all graves bearing crosses and other Christian imagery with black cloths in order to avoid “offending” people of other religions, including the area’s small, but growing, population of Muslims.

Reports indicate that all Roman Catholic symbols are potentially on the chopping block at the cemetery, the apparent goal being to test-run the eradication of traditional religion in the largely Catholic country. If brought to bear, the plan will also entail using “motorized blackout curtains” to hide all traces of Catholicism from view during ceremonies involving other religions.

“With the excuse of respect for others, they lack respect for our Catholic culture and our traditions,” says Giorgia Meloni, leader of Brothers of Italy, pointing out how ludicrous it is to force an entire population to whitewash its culture in order to appease the whims of a very small, non-native minority. “Now the Left is beyond fanaticism. This is ideological delirium.”

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So now we’re expected to disrespect the legacy of our own ancestors in order to pacify Muslim invaders?

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Not only is the proposed move highly offensive to the nine-out-of-ten Italians who still openly identify as Catholics, but it’s also disrespectful to the millions of Catholic deceased, whose legacies are now being treated with scorn and disdain by the overlords of political correctness.

“If the administrators are ashamed of our tradition and our culture, they should go and hide themselves and not just behind a motorized tent,” jabbed Galeazzo Bignami, deputy of the center-right Italian policy party Forward Italy, about the insanity of such an idea.

“If they are not able to bring respect for the living at least they have the decency to leave the dead alone and not involve them in foolishness.”

Why is the Christian cross the only religious symbol so “offensive” that it has to be removed from public view?

If a Christian or Catholic visiting Iran, for instance, demanded that all crescents and other Islamic religious symbols be covered up in order to avoid becoming “triggered,” he or she would probably be laughed all the way to deportation – or perhaps beheading. Why, then, is the inverse of this scenario now an expected act of appeasement towards Muslims living as guests on foreign soil?

It was just last year that Italy’s Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, proposed legislation that actually would have made it a requirement to display crucifixes on all public buildings – a measure that aimed to reinforce Italy’s religious foundation as a Catholic country.

“The removal of the religious symbols that characterize our community means challenging the principles on which our identity is based,” Salvini’s bill reads. “Respecting minorities does not mean renouncing the symbols of our history, culture and tradition.”

Pope Francis, of course, has taken issue with the bill – just as he has with anyone who questions his authority – claiming that it attempts to politicize a symbol that he believes represents “love to the enemy and unconditional welcome.”

But Italians who are actually proud of their religious heritage say that displaying the cross is part and parcel of what it means to maintain their rich culture, which has been centered around Catholicism for thousands of years.

“Would Muslims cover symbols or their faith if Christians were visiting, or living in, their country?” asks Raven Clabough, writing for The New American. “The answer is obvious.”

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