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Loudon County elementary school principal threatens to ARREST children who don’t wear masks, subject them to prosecution with up to one year in jail

Loudon County elementary school principal threatens to ARREST children who don’t wear masks, subject them to prosecution with up to one year in jail

(Natural News) Assistant Principal Janet Davidson of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School in Ashburn, Va., is threatening to imprison any student who dares to show up at school without a face mask.

A leaked audio recording tweeted by the Daily Caller‘s Chrissy Clark (listen below) features Davidson explaining how she plans to charge maskless children with “trespassing,” which in Virginia is a Class I misdemeanor that carries with it a 12-month jail sentence or a $2,500 fine.

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“Until you arrive, your children will be held in an in-school restriction situation here at school,” Davidson is heard screeching over the call.

“It is important that I point out to you that [maskless students] are not allowed on campus or on Loudon County Public School property. Starting tomorrow, it will be considered trespassing, so it’s important that I make that statement to you.”

When she was then asked how long maskless students will be suspended and prevented from receiving an education, Davidson responded with:

“The guidelines that we’re receiving from the county is student suspensions will end as soon as they fully follow mitigation policies.”

Why are leftists so obsessed with covid face veils?

Loudon County Public School’s spokesman Wayde Byard told the Caller that students will be suspended for up to 10 days or “until they comply with the LCPS Covid-19 mitigation practices.”

Suspended students, he added, can still access their schoolwork virtually through the “Schoology” platform, but they will not be allowed to interact with their friends and teachers until they obey the public school system’s order to cover their nose and mouth with a covid veil.

After 10 days of suspension has elapsed, if a student continues to remain unmasked, Byard added, he or she “will be recommended for further action.”

This ominous statement suggests that the public school system could pursue trespassing charges that result in children behind handcuffed and hauled off to prison, or issued large fines for non-compliance.

The new Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, came in with a bang after he struck down the state’s mask mandates. He is supported by his new attorney general, Jason Miyares, who has promised to join several lawsuits filed by parents against the corrupt Loudon County school board. (Related: Pennsylvania’s school mask mandate was also struck down.)

“It’s a good thing assistant principals aren’t district attorneys,” wrote someone on Twitter about Davidson and her sick power trip.

“Remove your consent,” wrote someone else. “Sometimes that means removing yourself and / or your child from tyrants’ surroundings.”

“Perhaps someone should file an assault complaint against her,” this person added about Davidson. “She has used the state and the legal system for terrorizing children. Assault is the threat of bodily harm. The realization of that harm comes from the prison sentence and / or other punishments she thinks she has at her disposal.”

“P.S. Mexico is open and has never shut down for covid. Perhaps it’s time to go and get some better weather and private tutors south of the border.”

Another suggested that parents of students at Davidson’s school should allow her to “try” to get their children arrested and have a plan ready and waiting to sue her personally in civil court for harming their children.

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