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Luciferian leftists are teaching AI systems to push antichrist propaganda

Luciferian leftists are teaching AI systems to push antichrist propaganda

(Natural News) Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that the Democrats in Washington DC, Big Tech, Hollywood, and Disney are using every means at their disposal to destroy people’s values, ethics, morals, and the nuclear family in general. As of late, artificial intelligence (AI) is being utilized as a weapon to achieve this insidious agenda. The new ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence ‘bot’ created by Silicon Valley (which is run by Chinese Communists), is programmed to despise everything Conservative, Christian, straight, Constitutional, and White (meaning Caucasian people).

Most Americans think this programmed, robotic bias in the media, social media, search engines, and press is all one big conspiracy theory, but they would be dead wrong.

Big Tech humans are programming AI to hate American patriots who value free speech, free press, religion, and morality

Artificial intelligence is just that – artificial. Computers don’t really think for themselves, as they are programmed with parameters or “formal arguments” in the form of data. ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) “thinking” is trained on datasets, or the collection of data points that inform the output. ChatGPT is trained on 300 billion words (570 GB), including massive uncurated datasets that are chock full of biased data that inform ChatGPT. Then, researchers use filters to prevent models from providing accurate information, resulting in the spreading of harmful biases, including hatred of white people, non-gays, and religious folks (especially Christians).

As we are witnessing across all mass media, Disney, Hollywood, social media, and liberal-led education at all levels, there is an insidious cancel-culture being woven into the fabric of society, where worshipping the devil is in the forefront, and where children and teens are being influenced to think about perverted sex (and gender dysphoria) all day.

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Anyone or any information that goes against this satanic worship or demented, perverted line of thinking is scrubbed and censored by Big Tech and now ChatGPT. All data inputs, and thus outputs, are programmed to support hating America, reverse racism, trans-everything, and of course, demonic worship.

Ask ChatGPT about Christianity and you get hatred output

“Proof is in the pudding,” as they say, and if you ask ChatGPT objective questions about Christianity, it’s obvious there’s no “thinking” going on at all, just processing of information and output that’s straight up anti-Christ propaganda. Below is a recent example of someone asking ChatGPT if different religions can be dangerous or violent, and just look at the results. It’s completely biased against Christianity. That’s because Luciferian leftists are teaching AI systems to push antichrist propaganda.

In order to install communism in America, the Leftists and demon-worshippers need to completely denounce belief in God and Christ, and degrade everyone in America who believes in having these kind of morals, ethics, and spirituality. In order to divide our country so it’s weak and the populace is easy to control and manipulate, Big Government and Big Tech are colliding to create and perpetuate chaos, violence, hatred, atheism, racism, bigotry, and everything perverted.

AI systems are very instrumental in brainwashing youngsters to believe that these evil ways of thinking and functioning are the norm, and anyone who disagrees is an enemy. Oh, you don’t support mutilating your genitals and taking hormone drugs to “switch” genders? Then you are a bigot and a gay basher. Wait, you don’t worship Satan and want everyone around you to sacrifice babies in the womb to him? Then you are the enemy of the state and of medical freedom! This is the narrative, supported by artificial intelligence via Google, all of social media, YouTube, and more.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on Hollywood, Disney, and the rest of the Luciferian leftists using entertainment and technology to try to turn every child and teenager in America into a gender-fluid, devil-worshipping freak.

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