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Major events show CNN complicit in Capitol raid

Major events show CNN complicit in Capitol raid

(Natural News) After infiltrating the Capitol on Jan. 6 while dressed as a “Trump supporter,” far-left extremist John Sullivan was interviewed by CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, who promoted Sullivan’s “work” and referred to him as a “journalist,” despite lacking any credentials.

Not only that, but Sullivan was later arrested for his involvement in the “siege,” as it appears that he was [let inside the gate] by law enforcement. Nobody actually “stormed” the building, in other words.

Since appearing on CNN, Sullivan admitted in sworn affidavits that he incited violence. Sullivan was heard screaming, “we gotta get this s*** burned!” while inside the Capitol. He also yelled, “we did this together!” after breaching the final barricade surrounding the building.

Sullivan also just so happened to film the murder of Ashli Babbitt by Capitol police.

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“I don’t want to see people get hurt unnecessarily, especially when there should be, like, a better way to go about it,” Sullivan announced on CNN, unopposed by Cooper.

“So, I told everybody, they’re willing to go peacefully. Just go put down their arms.”

While Cooper did introduce Sullivan as a “left-wing activist,” he failed to disclose that Sullivan heads up an “anti-fascist” terrorist group called Insurrection USA whose members have engaged in far worse than what took place at the Capitol.

Back in August, Sullivan himself was heard outside the White House calling for his comrades to “rip Trump out of that office. He further threatened to “get that mother****r.”

“We gotta f***ing rip Trump out of that office right over there, f***ing pull him out that s***. Nah, nah we ain’t about f***ing waiting till the next election, we about to get that mother****r. I ain’t about that s*** because you know what time it is? I want y’all to repeat after me. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time for a revolution.”

CNN hired domestic terrorists to invade Capitol while blaming Trump supporters

Another CNN employee, Jade Sacker, participated in the siege and bragged about it on camera.

While penetrating the Capitol barricades with her BLM and Antifa comrades, Sacker was heard screaming, “We did it!” She then asked if her co-conspirator was filming the incident, to which he responded in the affirmative, promising to delete the footage.

This individual did not delete it, though, and it is now circulating on Twitter – for how long is anyone’s guess.

“To make this clear: CNN was embedded with BLM / Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters videoing them to incite a riot,” tweeted @amuse, an account associated with the upcoming book Deplatformed: The Conservative Survival Guide.

“According to sources she was working on a CNN project, but she’s done a lot of work for NBC and NPR.

The @amuse account further revealed that since she is designated as a “reporter,” Sacker is exempt from all lockdown regulations.

“She’s allowed to keep working while you and your children are stuck at home,” @amuse added. “If CNN is allowed to maintain its press access anywhere in D.C. there needs to be a serious overhaul of our entire system.”

At one point in the video, the man filming tells Sacker, who sounded shocked they made it inside, that, “I tried to tell you but I couldn’t say anything,” suggesting that he knew full well what the plan was and that its execution was a success.

“And they want us to believe that the election was fair?” asked another Twitter user after watching the damning footage.

“My work is intended to create evidence, to inspire a dialogue that may act as a catalyst for change,” Sacker’s photojournalist bio reads.

As more news breaks about the Capitol false flag “siege,” you will find coverage of it at

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