Mandalay Bay shooting victims speak out about MGM lawsuit

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — Several victims of the tragic 1 October shooting held a press conference Monday to share their thoughts after being sued by MGM who claims to have ‘no liability’ under a terror-related clause.

“I got to live without the most important person in my life and you are going to sue me for that,” Cory Shipp, the son of Laura Shipp told reporters in reference to his deceased mom. “Everywhere I go I take my dog tags with me […] so that she’s always there.”

Deputy Jason McMillan who was paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a bullet wound in the attack also spoke out during the presser where he explained to reporters how life with his family has changed drastically after McMillan was confined to a wheelchair due to his injuries.

“I want to focus on getting back on my feet and then hearing that I’m now being sued — it’s not only insulting it enrages me to think that this company can just try to skip out on their responsibilities and their liability for what happened and to blame the victims — to say that it’s anybody else’s fault other than their own is absurd and I just can’t believe the audacity of them,” he said. “It brings it all up again and takes me right back to being helpless.”

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