Many gender-affirming surgery victims resemble the deformed children of pregnant women who took experimental morning sickness drug Thalidomide in the 1960s (GRAPHIC photos)

Many gender-affirming surgery victims resemble the deformed children of pregnant women who took experimental morning sickness drug Thalidomide in the 1960s (GRAPHIC photos)

(Natural News) Just about 60 years ago, secret clinical tests were run on pregnant women in Australia that left their children with horrific birth defects. The women were used like guinea pigs, given a morning sickness drug called thalidomide (Distaval), and their babies were born with miniature arms, legs, hands, feet, and some deformed faces and private parts. The women were given the dangerous drug before any tests whatsoever had been done on pregnant laboratory animals to determine if thalidomide could harm the fetuses,” according to official documentation. Records show the drug went public (by prescription and over-the-counter) in 1960, and was marketed with brochures bragging about its “exceptional safety.” Imagine that.

Today, there’s a different grand experiment going on with children and teens, and many are winding up with horrific deformations, genital mutilations, dysfunctional excretory organs, fertility issues, libido malfunction, scars. These gender-bender surgery ‘victims’ often suffer from post-surgery depression, anxiety, and some commit suicide. According to the Gender Mapping Project, there are more than 200 gender-bender clinics in America that prey on children, looking to make tens of thousands of dollars off experimental, dangerous surgery to pretend they’ve changed a child’s gender.

Castration surgery, castration drugs, hormone pills, puberty blockers, and top and bottom surgery can all cause cancer, deformations, severe depression

Many surgeons who perform gender-bender surgeries are trying to play God, and it’s all about the money, because the aftereffects for youth are quite destructive, permanent, and often disabling. Is it not already bad enough that some babies are unfortunately born with birth defects, missing fingers, or genitals, or have a cleft lip?

We don’t need Big Pharma running drug trials on pregnant women where the drugs give their babies horrific deformations the child will suffer with his/her whole life. And we certainly don’t need doctors playing God and surgically removing a boy’s penis because he wants to pretend he’s a girl, or some surgeons removing a girl’s breasts and clitoris to build a fake penis, sometimes leaving her infertile, scarred for life, and living in regret forever, just because she wanted to pretend she was a boy for a little while.

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The whole transgender and gender “fluid” movement has spun totally out of control. It’s not really about cross-dressing or just being gay anymore, it’s all about coercing children and teens to be perverted, think about sex and sexuality all day, and then go under the knife and drugs to “transform” into something they are NOT.

The severely deformed children of Thalidomide compared to the mutilated children of the “gender affirmation” nation

As the Obama and Biden Regimes influence America to become a communist country that denounces belief in God, turns everyone into broke drug addicts, and convinces everyone that sex-thinking is all-important 24/7/365, we are witnessing thousands of deformed children and teens who fell for the “gender affirmation” movement of gender dysphoria and trans-crazed mania that has infested America.

The aftermath of the Thalidomide scandal did not just fade away or end with compensation for the victims. Those kids are/were deformed for life, just like the gender-bender surgery victims are today. Think it’s not an experiment? It is. Now, instead of malformed limbs, they have deformed genitalia, huge scars where their breasts were, fake penises that don’t work, a fake clitoris that has no feeling, and regrets that don’t go away with “medication” or “reverse surgery.”

It’s silent shock, like the Thalidomide horrors, and thousands of victims are well aware they made a huge mistake, or were conned into it by brainwashing adults and twisted social media propaganda. Now many of them are suing the surgeons that performed these gender-bender mutilation surgeries.

From Big Pharma to “Woke Culture” – Take a look at the Thalidomide kids

Now compare them to the child, teen, and young adult victims of gender mutilation “woke culture” surgeries

Tune your internet to for updates on millions of American youth considering gender-bender surgery they will most likely regret forever.

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