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Medical child abuse: Pre-pubescent girls as young as EIGHT now being treated with testosterone to become transgenders

Medical child abuse: Pre-pubescent girls as young as EIGHT now being treated with testosterone to become transgenders

(Natural News) The Heritage Foundation recently held a much-needed panel to discuss transgender medicalization and the growing popularity of so-called “gender-affirmative” therapies that are permanently harming an increasing number of today’s youth – including hormone treatments, which are now reportedly being administered to underage children as young as eight years old.

Speaking on behalf of children everywhere who are being brainwashed into destroying their natural biological makeup in exchange for a false sense of “gender identity,” Dr. Michael Laidlaw explained how endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) like Lupron are being prescribed off-label to increasingly younger children, with no regard for the unspeakable harm these drugs are causing.

A renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Laidlaw believes that the entire basis upon which children with perceived gender dysphoria are being so easily prescribed life-altering hormone drugs and surgical procedures to alter their genitals and physical appearances is inherently flawed, hinging upon what Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter describes as “the nebulous concept of ‘gender identity.’”

Pointing to a recent court case as evidence, Dr. Laidlaw says that the medical establishment has somehow determined that a person’s “core internal sense” as it pertains to gender is the “primary factor” in determining their actual sex, as opposed to natural biology – a concept that Dr. Laidlaw says is patently false.

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“There is no objective test to diagnose this, yet we are giving very harmful therapies on the basis of no objective diagnosis,” Dr. Laidlaw stated during the panel, indicating that there’s really no such thing as “gender identity.”

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Transgender puberty blockers are just “chemical conversion therapy,” says Dr. Laidlaw

Ironically, the administration of puberty-blocking drugs to children as young as eight represents a form of “conversion therapy” – which the Cult of LGBT vehemently condemns – that utilizes chemicals rather than counseling.

In other words, the LGBT mafia says it’s “evil” to try to help individuals who believe they’re the opposite sex find healing from their mental illness, but sees nothing wrong with giving these same individuals life-destroying medications to affirm their delusions.

The mother of a trans-identifying child who now goes by the name “Elaine” joined Dr. Laidlaw at the panel in speaking out against this duplicitous insanity, explaining with trembling in her voice that her child became of victim of this mass LGBT indoctrination – having opted for puberty-blocking drugs, surgeries, and the whole shebang in order to become a “girl.”

“It’s not acceptable for doctors to remove healthy limbs from children, so why is it acceptable for doctors to remove healthy reproductive organs from children?” this mother stated.

“The ‘experts’ tell parents that it is harmful to question their children’s beliefs, that they must support their children’s medical transition, which includes a lifetime dependence on hormones, and that if parents do not comply, their children will be at higher risk of suicide,” she added, further pointing out that “these parents are being lied to as their children are harmed and their families are torn apart.”

Like Dr. Laidlaw, this mother can see more clearly than ever that what these confused children need is proper therapy and guidance, not drugs and surgeries that will forever change their bodies – which, for all intents and purposes, represents little more than child abuse disguised as “affirmation” and “tolerance.”

“This whole thing is an experiment on children,” Dr. Laidlaw warns. “We are ignoring the voices of desisters and people who have come out of this and recognize their sex. And the NIH is allowing unethical research to be conducted on adolescents, in my opinion.”

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