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MEDICAL EXODUS: Nurse quits over tyrannical covid vaccine mandates

MEDICAL EXODUS: Nurse quits over tyrannical covid vaccine mandates

(Natural News) The Chattanoogan recently published the resignation letter of a Tennessee nurse who quit her job due to the creeping onslaught of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny.

After being told that she would have to get “vaccinated” for the Chinese Virus in order to continue receiving a paycheck, Maria Wright, RN, decided that this was the final straw and that she would no longer be able to continue working in the system.

Wright explains in the letter how things were a mess at her job even in the early days of the plandemic. PPE (personal protective equipment) was always in short supply and the rules changed almost daily, making it difficult to make sense of the situation.

Almost right off the bat, Wright could see that things did not make sense. The face masks staff were given, for instance, clearly stated on the box that they were “not for medical use.” It was also clearly written that these coverings did not protect against the Wuhan Flu.

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Even so, Wright and her coworkers were forced to wear them for 12 hours every day, which made it difficult to breathe and stay oxygenated. On top of that, many workers decided to quit long before the vaccines were even released, putting additional strain on an already difficult situation.

“I remember one morning in particular administrators met us at the door to give us small bags of candy just before Christmas 2020, then we were delivered a $15 gift card through the mail at home but paid our own taxes on our paychecks,” Wright recalled about some of the other strange things that were happening at the time.

“Honestly why did you not keep your candy, cheering, and signs and just pay the small taxes for each gift card? I did not feel like a hero at all, I felt expendable just as I do now.”

Forced medicine is medical rape

The straw that broke the camel’s back, though, was when the facility demanded that Wright and all of her colleagues take one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections in order to remain employed.

As a medical professional with a strong educational background, Wright could not reconcile being told that she must take an experimental medication against her will in order to remain part of the operation.

“If anyone is educated and informed enough to make a conscious decision of medical treatment, vaccination, or health plan I am 100% qualified to make that decision for myself and my children,” Wright says.

“I am a patient and staff advocate. We at the bedside educate each patient, as it is their right, of their care plan and medications. Our patients have a RIGHT to refuse any treatment or medication for whatever reason they choose, and I will stand beside them on their educated decision. If a patient chose to refuse lifesaving treatment and would rather go home to pass peacefully then I support their decision, this is what we do! I do not force treatment on patients against their will because this is against the law, unethical and immoral. I must also advocate for myself too because no one else obviously will.”

Especially since the risks of taking these injections are high, Wright was not about to comply just because it was being demanded of her. She is concerned about what mRNA genetic reprogramming might do to her body, not to mention the fact that the jabs are made from aborted human fetal tissue.

As part of Wright’s op-ed, The Chattanoogan included multiple responses from readers who understand Wright’s position and support her fully in it. It turns out that freedom of choice in medicine is popular among ordinary people, if only politicians and “public health” officials felt the same way.

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