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MEDICAL MADNESS: Bill Gates developing new vaccine that claims to prevent polio caused by polio vaccines

MEDICAL MADNESS: Bill Gates developing new vaccine that claims to prevent polio caused by polio vaccines

(Natural News) It was only a matter of time before billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates discovered that he could capitalize on funding new “vaccines” for diseases that he himself caused in the first place with his earlier injections.

The disease he is going after now is polio – vaccine-caused polio, just to be clear – and his “cure” is another new injection currently in development.

In order to eradicate the scourge of jab-induced polio throughout the third world, which he largely triggered by mass-vaccinating poor people with polio shots for the past 15 years, Gates is funding the creation of another one that will supposedly reverse that damage.

Billions of dollars were already spent to “eradicate” polio in the developing world, and now billions more are being spent to eradicate their side effects, which ironically enough include polio itself.

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A report from NPR blames the rise of polio on oral vaccines that contain the live virus. In the United States and other Western countries, an inactivated virus is used.

The claim is that oral vaccines with the live virus are inexpensive and confer lifelong immunity. But how can this be the case when the shots themselves are causing people to contract polio? This is NPR‘s answer:

“Those who’ve been immunized with live virus can shed it in their stool, which can then spread through sewage in places with poor sanitation. If the virus stays weak, it can expose the unvaccinated to polio and give them immunity. But if it mutates and regains virulence, someone who isn’t vaccinated can become sick with vaccine-derived polio after contact with the contaminated wastewater.”

Gates’s new polio vaccine received emergency use authorization from the World Health Organization

There are currently 25 different countries reporting cases of vaccine-caused polio, and public health officials are refusing to acknowledge the connection to the jabs. Instead, they are pushing more vaccines, though these ones are being tweaked to supposedly make reactivation less likely.

Ananda Bandyopadhyay, deputy director for polio at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, says three “independent modifications” have been done to the vaccine to make it safer and less likely to cause polio.

“The researchers tweaked the virus so that it has to accumulate more mutations to become virulent and has a harder time amassing those mutations,” writes Baxter Dmitry for Newspunch.

“For example, they’ve altered the polymerase, one of the key enzymes responsible for introducing mutations, reducing its ability to mix and match genes from different viruses.”

The new vaccine from Gates is already available under emergency use authorization by the World Health Organization (WHO). It just has not yet received full approval, much like Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” which means it is still technically in development.

Since March of 2021, 265 million doses of it have been administered to children across 14 countries, most of them in Africa. Vaccine-caused polio is rampant throughout Africa because that is where Gates has focused much of his attention over the years.

“The power-mad troll just won’t stop,” wrote someone at Newspunch about Gates’s sick obsession with injecting people. “I can’t wait to read the headline that he’s dead.”

“Little Billy Gates peddling his poison in the name of ‘global health,’” wrote another. “What’s sad is that people still buy into it.”

In Natural News, someone pointed out that polio vaccines of all varieties were never the miracle cure that they were touted to be.

“It was all a lie propagated by Julian Huxley and UNESCO,” this person added. “Julian Huxley’s brother Aldus wrote about the plan to poison humanity with ‘medicines … A Brave New World, I wonder where he got the idea from?”

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