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Meet the Woman Who Claims to be an Epstein Victim Forced to Have Sex with JOE BIDEN and JOHN MCCAIN

Meet the Woman Who Claims to be an Epstein Victim Forced to Have Sex with JOE BIDEN and JOHN MCCAIN

A woman named Jessica Collins has emerged to claim that she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein and forced into sex with the likes of Joe Biden, Prince Andrew and John McCain.

There is no way to confirm or deny her story, which supposedly started in 2002, so I will provide all of the information I have and have been able to find.

Here is a video, which was posted to YouTube last week:


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Here is an imperfect, but viable, transcript using a computer app:

“I am a real victim of Jeffrey Epstein the reason you don’t see me in the news is because I am a real victim real victims are not being represented by attorneys or in the media I was traffic to Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew Windsor by Deborah palfrey the DC Madame I was a student at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC in 2002 I answered an ad in the city paper the ad was ambiguous deborah was professional I thought I was going on a real job interview instead I was drugged and raped by Paul hung I tried to tell Deborah what happened but something she said made me realize she knew what happened at that point they had my driver’s license and I did not know what to do or where to go for help at that point I was driven by Jonathan Luna to the Bethesda Marriott on Pooks Hill we’re Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew Windsor drugged and raped me I have tried to get help I called the police I was abducted for two weeks I was moved from Washington DC by Ed Norris what’s the superintendent of the Maryland State Police he is now an actor on the show The Wire and has a radio show my name is Jessica Collins I live in Virginia today is September 3rd 2019 if anything happens to me it’s because this information is true and I have a lot more information about who I was traffic to and the government people who are in the White House today if you could redistribute this video please save it and redistribute it if anything happens to me at least I have this out I have been threatened my car was disabled by a government employee when the Jeffrey Epstein news broke I have been without a vehicle for 40 days I don’t know what else to say please save this video please redistributed please try and spread it there is no way that this is going to get out there in the media must we the American people do the work the government is involved and I was traffic for nearly 17 years please try to help by redistributing this tweeting it talking about it I do everything that I can thank you for listening together we can get to the bottom of this and hold the criminals accountable”

Again, the transcript was computer-generated and is mostly accurate. I did not bother with grammar and spelling corrections, due to current time constraints.

The “nearly 17 years” claim is strange, considering this supposedly started just over 17 years ago.

I’m not sure what kind of clientele she would draw now, as in the last year or so.

I also find it particularly odd that the video has not been removed, though the views are still low.

But in case it is removed, here is a replacement via Bitchute:


I have also taken a screen shot of an accompanying tweet that specifically mentions Joe Biden and John McCain.

Others in the White House today?

Very interesting.

The tweet doesn’t seem to be getting much attention either (note low shares and likes).

IF this story is real, it is quite possible that the internet powers that be are “shadow banning” without completely removing the video and tweet.

It could be that she is a real victim and the attorneys have advised the tech giants against outright censorship, but that is merely conjecture.

Conjecture is all I have at this point, but I did do some digging.

Some comments have addressed her age. She certainly looks a bit old to have been a student at Catholic University in 2002.

She was quite possibly a graduate or non-traditional student in 2002.

I located a yearbook for that year and she is NOT listed.

But that is not uncommon.

I went to a much smaller University and only made the yearbook once, because I joined The College Democrats. (True story and not one of my proudest moments)

Jessica had a daughter that was already 3 years old in 2002, which leads me to believe she was not 18 at the time.

Her daughter died of a drug overdose at the age of 18, just two years ago.

Even by Portland standards, the weather was dreary on the day Aisha Zughbieh-Collins died.

It was late morning Feb. 16 when Jessica Collins drove through a 40-degree drizzle to the pink and yellow townhouse on Southeast 84th Avenue, where Aisha, her 18-year-old daughter, lived.

Collins drove gingerly down the rutted, dead-end gravel street. It’s the kind of street that’s often lined with abandoned shopping carts.

She got out of her truck, walked into Aisha’s townhouse and climbed the stairs with a sense of dread. For the past 12 hours, Collins had been unable to reach her daughter.

Just two weeks earlier, Aisha had overdosed, her life saved when a roommate called paramedics.

As Collins entered her daughter’s bedroom, Aisha was sitting lotus-style on her bed.

“Each step closer I could tell something was really wrong,” Collins recalls.

Aisha had a syringe in her right arm, and a shoelace tourniquet tied around her biceps. She wasn’t breathing. Her skin was cold.

“I know it sounds strange,” Collins says, “but a sense of peace came over me—that she’s OK now—even though she was dead in front of me.”

Jessica Collins (Hilary Sander)

Read the rest at Williamette Week…

I think this may explain her old and haggard look as well.

I also found an old Facebook page that looks to be put up by Jessica Collins, in the midst of her daughter’s addiction.


So, was Jessica Collins trafficked to Prince Andrew (Andrew Windsor), Joe Biden and John McCain?

Or is Jessica Collins a woman looking for some publicity and possibly YouTube hits?

There is no way to know for certain, but I think we all know that Joe Biden likes things a little on the kinky side:

Would it surprise anyone if Joe Biden, a man proven to have pedophile tendencies and sexual perversions, was an Epstein client?

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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