Meet the New Judge Dredd — Social Justice Warrior

Judge Dredd is now a social justice warrior and Mega-City One is a sanctuary city.

That’s the plot of the comic “JUDGE DREDD: TOXIC #1,” which was released on October 24 and was written by British leftist Paul Jenkins.

“I came to read Judge Dredd kick ass & deliver justice,” Wes Jay Dee said Thursday on Twitter. “Instead I found propaganda regarding illegal aliens & sanctuary cities.”

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Here’s a review with more shots of the comic:

The comic appears to end with Trump supporters rioting and antifa blowing them all up with a grenade.
Edgy stuff!

Social justice cultists need to hijack the works of others and inject their propaganda into it because they’re incapable of creating anything of interest on their own. Tearing down what others built is all they understand.

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