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#MeToo movement consequences: Wall Street purging women to avoid accusations of inappropriate behavior

#MeToo movement consequences: Wall Street purging women to avoid accusations of inappropriate behavior

(Natural News) In the wake of countless career-destroying (and often unsubstantiated) accusations of sexual assault against women, men in business are now avoiding women like the plague. And while the mainstream media may be calling it “the Pence effect,” the truth is that it’s just plain common sense. Now men are being accused of “gender segregation,” as they are keeping female colleagues at arm’s length. As one financial adviser reportedly put it, even hiring a woman is now “an unknown risk.”

One misunderstanding is all it takes for a man’s career and potentially his life, to be flushed down the drain. There is no arguing that, especially when the overwhelming message from the left-wing is that all men are guilty. And even if they are proven innocent, they are still guilty. After a rape or assault accusation, a man’s innocence can be only the product of misogyny — at least, according to the radical Left. The immense media scrutiny of Brett Kavanaugh is surely evidence of that.

#MeToo movement is toxic

Now, the liberal media is shaming men for being overly cautious in their interactions with women. What, exactly, did they think would happen? The #MeToo movement has put any and all “questionable” interactions between men and women on display and open to public criticism. More, the #MeToo movement suggests that all men are inherently guilty, and that no woman would ever lie about an assault.

It is no wonder that men are now being more cautious around women: One wrong move, and their lives are totally over. The Left has consistently sent the message that women must be believed under any and all circumstances — even after it turns out some of these “victims” are lying.

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No one is saying rape and assaults never happen. But the presumption being pushed by #MeToo and similar ideologies is that all men are guilty. To even debate a man’s innocence in the implication of a rape or assault, is now considered “unacceptable.” It makes you a “rape apologist” or a “misogynist” if you even dare to suggest that a man is not guilty — even with hard evidence to support his innocence. Again, the plight Brett Kavanaugh comes to mind: Every “witness” named by his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has said that the incident she described never happened — and yet, liberals are coming out of the woodwork to show their “support” for Ford.

One Democrat senator, Mazie Hirono, has even stated Kavanaugh “doesn’t have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else because of his ideology,” and that he is “more likely to be guilty because he’s a conservative,” according to a report from National Review. How’s that for equality?

Accusations and consequences

As Bloomberg contends, in the face of such controversy, men are now going to extremes “to protect themselves in the face of what they consider unreasonable political correctness…”

Karen Elinski, president of the Financial Women’s Association and a senior vice president at Wells Fargo & Co, says that this “pushback” from men is now affecting women’s careers. Perhaps they should have thought about that before trying to sue and accuse their way to the top. You can’t blame men for being afraid of women, when you’ve given them every reason to be.

Many leaders from Wall Street have stated that a simple “he-said, she-said” accusation, with no real evidence, is all it takes to have your reputation, and career, ruined — and even some women are honest enough to admit this fact is true. Comments that once would have simply been brushed off are now fodder for lawsuits.

The word is a powerful thing, and it’s foolish to pretend otherwise. It’s even more foolish for women to pretend as if they are above humanity and incapable of telling a lie. We are all human, and humans sometimes lie to get things they want: This is why “innocent until proven guilty” is a leading tenant of our legal system.

Everything has consequences, including accusations. Victim culture may be fashionable for liberals, but the rest of the world has work to do. If nothing else, Wall Street is letting people know they don’t have time for games.

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