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Michigan ballot worker openly brags about destroying every Trump ballot he saw

Michigan ballot worker openly brags about destroying every Trump ballot he saw

(Natural News) A 32-year-old musician who goes by the name of “Kiel Fauxton” on Facebook is going viral all across social media after he publicly bragged about destroying Trump ballots in Detroit.

Fauxton, which is not his real name, had early on claimed to be a poll worker in Wayne County, which would seem to match one of his three known Facebook profiles that lists “Democratic Party” in Detroit as his employer.

On at least one of his Facebook accounts, one of which had 2,255 followers before it went dark, Fauxton wrote that he works for Wayne County and “threw out every Trump ballot I saw.”

According to Fauxton, “[t]ens of thousands” of Trump ballots ended up in the trash, not just at his hands but at the hands of “all of my co-workers.”

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When alt media picked up on the story, Fauxton began to panic and feverishly wrote at least one of them asking for stories about the incident to be pulled. Fauxton now claims that the whole thing was just a big “joke” for his “few followers.”

“I’ve never been a ballot counter,” Fauxton now claims. “I made a big mistake and wish I could undo it.”

Interestingly enough, Fauxton had previously doubled down on the claim after some of his followers expressed concerns about his admitting to shredding Trump ballots. Fauxton mocked them by writing that he had no regrets about it, only to quickly backtrack once the media picked up on his posts.

Ballot collector shreds ballots on video livestream

What Fauxton, a proud Marxist, fails to realize is that joking about voter fraud is no joke. It is a serious crime that carries with it very serious penalties, and especially so as the future of our nation hangs in the balance.

Michigan especially is a critical state for Trump, and one that he was winning early on before suspicious vehicles began showing up in the middle of the night to drop off more ballots for Biden.

Then we have Benford’s law suggesting that serious voter fraud took place in Michigan to swing it for Biden, which is sure to be included in the legal proceedings that are only just getting started.

Even if Fauxton really was just joking, the ballot counter featured in this video certainly was not as he filmed himself shredding ballots on camera.

“As some of you guys know, I work at the vote … which means we get your votes and we separate them,” the frantic individual states, somewhat illegibly due to his face mask. “So, if some of these votes happen to say, like this one, Donald J. Dung Trump, that one just don’t make it …”

The identity of this person remains unknown, and his mask could make finding it even more of a challenge. Even so, it does demonstrate clear voter fraud and the trashing of votes for Trump, warranting further investigation and a possible recount, or even an election redo in the most contested states.

“We can only hope that whoever took these screen shots forwards all of it to Sydney [sic] Powell and Giuliani,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit about Fauxton. “I would suggest sending it to the local D.A. as well … but this is Michigan … land of Gretchen Whitmer and everything evil.”

“They are so open and blatantly corrupt they think they can get away with this, but they’ve never run into a fighter like our president,” wrote another. “Trump is cool as a cucumber even getting in some well-deserved rounds of golf.”

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