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Misjustice Across America: The Curious DOJ Prosecution of John Kevin Moore

Misjustice Across America: The Curious DOJ Prosecution of John Kevin Moore

(Editor’s Note: The information below was not acquired by my efforts, but is the result of 10 months of research by a team of dedicated professionals who have graciously allowed me to reproduce their work on NorthWest Liberty News. I was, however, involved in numerous conversations with those in the small, inner-circle of investigators and privy to much of this information well in advance. For a variety of reasons, some personal and some political, I have abstained from releasing this information until now)

What’s happening to the sitting President of the United States today has been happening to innocent American citizens across America for years. If the Department of Justice wants you for any reason, especially if it is for political reasons, they can and will get you. Your innocence is no defense!

It’s no secret that a “fake dossier” alleging misconduct by President Donald J. Trump and initiated by his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, is the foundation for what became a two-year multi-million-dollar FBI and DOJ investigation into alleged “Russian Collusion” that has turned up zero evidence.

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Meanwhile, proven campaign collusion between Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and Russia, the FBI and US Intelligence agencies, as well as former British Intel officer Steele, has gone completely ignored by the Department of Justice even under Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

For years now, the Federal Department of Justice has enjoyed a 99.8% overall criminal conviction rate, considering both plea deals like that of Democrat Trump Attorney Michael Cohen and convictions by jury, such as the Paul Manafort trial. No communist country enjoys such a “penal colony” conviction rate in their justice systems. Yet, the average American believes that our system of justice is fair and impartial, failing to recognize that they could very well be next in the governments crosshairs.

First, when the evidence will not lead you to your target, in this case President Trump, the next best thing is to destroy “all the kings’ men” making it increasingly impossible for Trump to govern without being constantly forced to defend against never-ending criminal “witch hunts” involving all his political associates and casting doubts about the administration in daily headlines, many of which are in fact “fake news.”

In both cases, the FBI and DOJ were allegedly investigating Manafort and Cohen for any potential “collusion with Russia” during the 2016 election cycle. When no such evidence was found on either Trump associate, the FBI and DOJ expanded their investigations to anything they could find to charge them with, no matter how old, how minor or how unrelated to the alleged purpose of the investigation.

However, this story from the great state of Montana demonstrates how the same prosecutory corruption is affecting innocent American citizens across America. Not even a sitting President is immune from such travesties taking place across America every day.


UNITED STATES vs JOHN KEVIN MOORE (US District Court, Great Falls, Montana) Case 4:17-cr-00042-BMM *SEALED*

On June 8, 2017, John Kevin Moore was indicted by the Department of Justice for alleged “Ponzi, Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud and Misuse of Company funds.” But this case started long before that date in early 2016.

During the 2016 election cycle, then House Representative for Montana Ryan Zinke was locked in a re-election campaign battle facing Democratic Party challenger Denise Juneau. Juneau is a lawyer who has spent a lifetime in Democratic Party politics and the Montana Judicial System, including clerking for former Montana State Supreme Court Justice and current Democratic US District Court Judge, Brian Morris, who presided over the Moore case.

Left to Right: Vice-President, Dick Cheney, Kevin Moore and Secretary Ryan Zinke

In the 2016 campaign battle, Juneau used her political allies in the Montana State Auditors Office to level false accusations against Republican candidate Ryan Zinke, connecting him to friends MG Paul Vallely (US Army Retired) of Stand-Up America, who had called for the military overthrow of President Barack Obama, and Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC co-founder John Kevin Moore, both of whom were leading fund-raisers for the Re-Elect Zinke Campaign in Montana.

Long-time political ally Lynne Egan of the Montana State Auditors office filed a “false” affidavit under oath, accusing Moore of illegally selling investments (aka Ponzi and Securities fraud) in a company that did not own any oil and gas leases as offered by Vallely and Moore. Ms. Egan is no longer employed by the Montana State Auditors Office after her employer learned of her false testimony both in the affidavit and in her direct testimony and cross examination during a “show cause” and bond hearing at the foundation of the Moore case.

Meanwhile, the Auditors Office effort to support Juneau in her bid for the US House seat held by Zinke failed, despite widespread Montana media stories about Big Sky Mineral Resources fraud associated with Zinke, Moore and Vallely.

As reported by the Flathead Beacon in November 2016, “Juneau benefited from nearly $500,000 in television attack advertisements against Zinke purchased by a Washington, D.C.-based political action committee trying to elect a majority of Democrats to the House.” Much of her campaign against Zinke was based upon destroying his credibility and accusing him of bad business dealings, including his association with both MG Paul Vallely and Kevin Moore at Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC.

Montana area newspapers ran story after story trying to destroy Zinke’s re-election bid, but in the end, Zinke defeated Ms. Juneau by a wide margin of 57% to 39% to win a second term as US House Member for Montana.

During the same time frame, Donald J. Trump won the presidential race against Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. Soon after the Trump inauguration, attended by MG Paul Vallely and Kevin Moore, along with Moore’s mother, Jacquie Colligan all as guests of Ryan Zinke, Trump named Zinke as his pick for Secretary of the Interior. Zinke was confirmed to that post for the Trump Administration on March 1, 2017 by a Senate vote of 68-31.



Now more than a year into an alleged Ponzi and Securities Fraud investigation into Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC – which began as nothing more than a political assault on Ryan Zinke, the US Department of Justice, following the false allegations and testimony of State Auditor Lynne Egan, issued an indictment against John Kevin Moore and Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC. Although Moore was not the only Managing Member of Big Sky at the time, he was the only person charged and fellow co-founder MG Paul Vallely, the only other signer on Big Sky accounts, would become a key witness for the prosecution.

Major General, Paul Vallely at Legacy Ranch in Bigfork, Montana

When Vallely and Zinke had a falling out towards the end of 2016, and Zinke distanced himself from Vallely, Vallely insisted that John Kevin Moore turn on Zinke in the upcoming election that November. When Moore refused to do so, Vallely then turned on Moore and Big Sky Mineral Resources, calling upon his close fellow investor in NEMO Arms, Janet Walters, to assist in taking down Moore and Big Sky.

State Auditor Egan then solicited formal complaints from Vallely, Walters and others to shift the focus from the “witch hunt” against Zinke to criminal charges against Moore.

From the filing of the indictment on June 8, 2017 to date, the State of Montana and Federal Government have held Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC under an open-ended Retraining Order, which allowed Big Sky oil and gas leases to expire and prevented anyone at Big Sky from trying to protect the initial LLC members from loss.

Several Big Sky LLC members became witnesses against Moore and their own company in the end, led by Denise Juneau, Lynne Egan, MG Paul Vallely and Janet Walters. What started out as nothing more than a political attack on Ryan Zinke by the Montana Democratic Party and their House candidate Denise Juneau, had morphed into something quite different by June of 2017.



John Kevin Moore has been an entrepreneur most of his adult life, but prior to the Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC venture, he had no bona fide experience in the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry. As an accomplished artist himself, Moore often traded in fine arts as well as other ventures. We have NOT investigated any of Moore’s other previous business interests that are not at the foundation of the indictment of John Kevin Moore or Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC.

Prior to and during the Summer of 2014, John Kevin Moore was both self-employed and employed (pro-bono) by MG Paul Vallely at Stand Up America.US, the Scott Vallely Memorial Soldiers Fund 501c3 (established for MG Paul Vallely’s son) and Legacy National Security Advisory Group, all of which were owned and operated by MG Paul Vallely, a retired Army Major General once in charge U.S. Psychological Warfare. MG Paul Vallely never invested a penny in Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC. He was “gifted” member units for his “expert” advice and assistance, as were Brad Davey and Douglas Drysdale.

During the Summer of 2014, MG Paul Vallely and John Kevin Moore were introduced to an oil and gas exploration opportunity by mutual friend Mr. Kory McGowen, who was at that time developing a 33,000-acre oil and gas lease on Krone Ranch in Augusta, MT. When presented with an opportunity to visit a large oil and gas lease property in Lewis and Clark County, MT, John Kevin Moore and MG Paul Vallely traveled to the property visiting with several property owners who were interested in leasing their land for exploration, largely due to beef and grain futures lagging while oil was holding at $110 a barrel. (It later dropped from $110 per barrel to $35 per barrel.)

Colonel Oliver North (Ret.) and John Kevin Moore

On the return home from that visit to Augusta, MG Paul Vallely expressed great interest in trying to put together a venture to lease the 60,000-acres in Lewis and Clark County from the private landowners they had just met. John Kevin Moore had no prior experience in that industry, but was also excited about the opportunity, as an entrepreneur. MG Paul Vallely stated that he did have vast previous experience in oil and gas exploration and knew many experts in the field that he could bring aboard the venture.

One of those individuals was then Montana Representative Ryan Zinke, a close friend of MG Paul Vallely with family businesses in the field of oil, gas and mineral exploration. Ryan Zinke is now the current Secretary of the Department of Interior for the Trump Administration, overseeing the use and management of federal lands and private land management within the USA.

MG Paul Vallely asked John Kevin Moore if he could and would put together a small group of initial (Phase I) venture partners under a new LLC that could work together to secure and exploit exploration leases on the 60,000-acrea in Lewis and Clark County MT. John Kevin Moore had been working for MG Paul Vallely (pro-bono) for a few years by now, as a marketing and fund-raising manager for Vallely’s three organizations. So, Vallely had confidence in Moore’s ability to pull something like this together and Moore had confidence in Vallely, as the two had worked together on behalf of Vallely’s organizations for a few years prior to the Big Sky venture.

Vallely stated, if Moore could get the new LLC formed and funded to acquire the leases, he knew “heavy hitters” (Ryan Zinke and others) who he would bring in for Phase II financing of the venture. Upon Phase II funding, initial Phase I venture partners were to be reimbursed, proceeding with the exploration operations on the leased lands.

Because Moore was the one without any industry experience, he relied heavily on the representations of MG Paul Vallely to lead the way. But Moore also requested to bring long-time friend Brad Davey in to the venture, due to his related expertise, making Vallely, Moore and Davey both forming and managing members in the new LLC known as Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC since its inception.

According to some of Moore’s personal notes, Whitefish Montana attorney Brian Muldoon was involved in the initial establishment of the LLC and acquisition of the oil and gas leases. Based upon information provided to us by an interested 3rd party, we believe Muldoon is sitting on files associated with this case and efforts to get information from Muldoon have been fruitless to date.

However, the LLC filings in the research file were signed by young Montana attorney, Timothy Baldwin.

Initial LLC managing members were MG Paul Vallely, John Kevin Moore and Brad Davey. The three-original founding LLC managing members were involved in every decision made throughout the early development of Big Sky, including the initial Summit West Oil transfer of the subject leases, paid for in cash and fine art, along with subsequent LLC operating agreements drafted by attorney Drysdale and all presentation prospectus works used to raise private venture capital for the LLC. (Venture capital is private investment in exchange for an equity position in a venture, which usually presents substantial risk, most typically, new, early or expanding for-profit business ventures. Venture capital is the most common method of financing substantial risk startups and usually offers the investor a greater rate of return if the venture succeeds.)

Defendant John Kevin Moore established a Montana LLC under the name Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC (Big Sky) in 2014 with the intent to develop oil, gas and mineral rights on the subject 60,000+ acres of Montana land in Lewis and Clark County, MT – under private term leases for said purpose, assigned to Big Sky by Summit West Oil, LLC and lawfully recorded in Lewis and Clark County MT in September 2014.

Operating Agreements for the LLC were drafted by alleged British Petroleum (BP) attorney Douglas Drysdale, brought aboard as corporate counsel by either MG Paul Vallely, Brad Davey or Kory McGowen, due to their alleged extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. Statements by Drysdale regarding his expertise and prior employment with British Petroleum were later identified as false.

Drysdale was the corporate attorney for Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, responsible for providing legal advice regarding proper operating agreement language and procedures, drafting corporate documents, approving LLC promotion materials and attending meetings with LLC members and prospective members. In lieu of a traditional cash retainer for said legal services, Drysdale requested and received 400,000-member units in Big Sky and was to receive $200,000 in cash at the closing of Phase II financing.

John Kevin Moore with Ryan and Lola Zinke in Washington, DC

Later, Drysdale would send a letter to Federal and State prosecutors falsely denying any direct involvement with Big Sky, despite the many communications and documents created and signed by Drysdale, proving that the information he provided to prosecutors was false.

At the legal direction of Attorney Drysdale, Big Sky was designed to be a closely held and operated venture involving numerous close friends, family, associates and accredited investors from a small circle of BSMR co-founder contacts. It was designed to be privately started and funded in three specific phases, presented to all prospective LLC members in numerous LLC presentations cleared by Drysdale, both written and verbal.

Phase I of early private funding was successful via a small group of known and associated LLC members. All initial LLC contributors were long-term friends and family, prior business associates or experienced accredited investors introduced to the venture by numerous LLC members. Janet Walters was brought into the Big Sky venture by prior business associate MG Paul Vallely. The two worked together at NEMO Arms prior to Vallely being released from NEMO for highly questionable practices.

The original plan presented to the Phase I members included repayment of their initial contribution out of and upon Phase II financing. It also allowed members to sell their units to recoup if they so desired.

Original prospectus documents indicate that all Phase I unit-holders were to be paid out of their initial investment via Phase II funding. From the inception, the initial return of “Phase I seed money” for the venture was dependent upon Phase II financing for the venture. Per all available LLC documentation, including three operating agreements updated by Attorney Doug Drysdale to reflect the sale of Mr. Moore’s units, the LLC and managing members were under no contractual obligation to provide a return to initial contributors until Phase II of the venture was fully funded.

Because all contractual obligations were left open regarding how managing members could keep the project progressing, Mr. Moore did reimburse or make payments to numerous Phase I members in his effort to look after fellow venture members to the best of his ability, despite having no contractual obligation to do so.

During the time frame between the initial acquisition of the Big Sky leases and Phase II financing, unavoidable delays in the venture occurred as a direction result of a fall in oil and gas prices at market, from $110 per barrel to $35 per barrel. Big Sky decided to delay certain progress until such time that oil and gas prices were rebounding. All LLC members were kept apprised of market conditions and related delays throughout the process. Still, Big Sky proceeded with trying to get Phase II financing in place so that the operation was funded when market prices began to rebound.

Early in the development of the Big Sky venture, it became obvious to Moore, Davey and other LLC members that MG Paul Vallely’s primary interest in the venture was his perceived opportunity to leverage Big Sky assets to fund and promote his private organizations, Stand-Up America, his Soldiers Fund and the newly formed national security advisory panel. When MG Paul Vallely announced at a Big Sky member meeting where approximately 60 witnesses were present, his plans to leverage Big Sky assets to purchase assets for his private organizations, including the purchase of a private jet for himself, Moore, Davey and other LLC members decided to remove MG Paul Vallely as a managing member of the LLC. It’s worth noting that MG Vallely went so far as to have a Jet Sales Company in Los Angeles California, fly a jet out for MG Vallely to look at in consideration of a purchase or lease.

When MG Vallely was removed as a managing member of Big Sky, he became an enemy of Big Sky. He wanted his personal confident Janet Walters from NEMO Arms, to become his surrogate managing member at Big Sky. Because of the close relationship between MG Vallely and Walters, and previous issues with Walters’ never-ending questions regarding the validity of the leases in Lewis and Clark County, despite being proven in numerous methods and meetings with Ms. Walters, the LLC declined to name her a managing member in place of MG Valley.

Big Sky made at least three separate attempts to secure Phase II financing in accordance with all related Phase I member agreements. In all three cases, Big Sky was able to secure written agreements for Phase II funding. However, none of the three agreements performed accordingly and Phase II funding ultimately failed in all three attempts.

1. Robert Reininga – $2.5 million [EXHIBIT A] – aka Universal Wideband Business & Technology (UWBT) – Americus Oxides, LLC (AO) – introduced by Brad Davey. Both UWBT and AO predicted royalty payments to begin no later than May 2016. As of this report, these royalties still have not produced. This was originally a John Kevin Moore personal investment that Mr. Moore assigned over to BSMR. At one point, a meeting demanded by LLC member Janet Walters was held, at which, Reininga offered to “buy out” all LLC members at the meeting. None of the members wanted to be bought out at that time, including Janet Walters.

2. Gordon Jones – Meteor Gold – Mr. Jones was brought in to fund part of Phase II BSMR operations by Brad Davey and contracted with Big Sky to fund the $3.5 million portion of Phase II. Mr. Jones had a sale agreement in the amount of $36 million on one of his three gold mines. The buyers name was Jonathan Russi (aka Russi Asbert Boyenne). Under that purchase agreement for the gold mine, Russi had to deliver 10% ($3.6 million) to Jones prior to closing on the full amount. Russi (Boyenne) delivered and bounced a company check in the amount of $3.6 million to Jones twice, deposited at Wells Fargo Bank. The first bounce was for “insufficient funds” and the second was marked “CLOSED ACCOUNT.” Mr. Boyenne has a long history of similar transactions all over the country and other parts of the globe. We have reason to believe that Mr. Boyenne is sought by Interpol for numerous similar international crimes. Mr. Jones was unable to perform on his contract with BSMR as a direct result of Mr. Boyenne’s failure to perform under contract with Jones. Embarrassed by the circumstance, Mr. Jones, working with Brad Davey, introduced Mr. Moore and BSMR to a third Phase II financier.

3. Danny Christopher Lenard – Alpha Wealth Management Group, Texas. (NOTE: Swiss Financial Services firm UBS also has a known division named “Alpha Wealth Management Group” headquartered in Zurich.) Danny Lenard’s Alpha Wealth Management Group (TX) is in no way affiliated with the UBS Division based in Zurich. Alpha Wealth Management Group TEXAS is nothing more than a shell company owned by Danny Christopher Lenard. The operation appears to be set up to defraud investors and we found a number of similar fraudulent transactions associated with Danny Christopher Lenard and his Alpha Wealth Management Group. Danny Christopher Lenard was also introduced to Big Sky through LLC managing member Brad Davey, through his contact with Gordon Jones. Mr. Lenard defaulted on his contracts with Big Sky leaving the company behind schedule without Phase II funding. Mr. Lenard attempted to steal Big Sky Mineral Resources assets from the LLC and Moore by manipulating Moore into assigning those assets over to another new Montana LLC formed and owned solely by Lenard named Black Stallion. Lenard rushed Montana attorney Don Lee to register Black Stallion, LLC as a registered agent and then failed to even pay the Lee Law Firm for doing so. The transfer of Big Sky assets to Black Stallion failed when Lenard was unable to financially perform under the agreement, again. Mr. Lenard is currently active in other similar fraud schemes, including internationally, involving mineral rights out of Sierra Leone.

By now, Big Sky had fallen prey to at least two known international con artists in Danny Christopher Lenard and Russi Asbert Boyenne. As time passes, Robert Reininga and his gold recovery venture, looks like it may also be a scam. State and Federal prosecutors are well aware, yet have thus far chosen to not pursue these known con artists who are in great part, responsible for the collapse of Big Sky Phase II financing and the venture itself.

All three Phase II financiers for the Big Sky project involved fraud, not on the part of Big Sky or John Kevin Moore, but rather on the part of fraudulent financiers, each known con artists and all of whom were brought to Big Sky by LLC managing member Brad Davey.
During the same period, some Big Sky members were further defrauded in a separate “fire brick” investment related to a Dr. Theodore (Ted) Topolski, who was also introduced to the Big Sky group by Brad Davey. A person operating under the name Dr. Theodore (Ted) Topolski attempted to sell investments in a “fire brick” smelting gold recovery venture, which Topolski had no ownership, partnership, membership, management or representation relationship with. Topolski defrauded individuals including John Kevin Moore out of substantial cash, but falsely accused Moore of “extortion” for simply trying to recover the funds that he and others were defrauded out of by Topolski. Again, Federal and State prosecutors are aware. According to our research, Topolski has run to Switzerland to avoid criminal prosecution in the USA and although he maintains office space and takes mail in Butte Montana, he is currently residing in Switzerland.



While the Americus Oxides investment, operated by Joseph P. Fahey and Lee Wiskowski and purchased through Robert Reininga, may in fact have real value, it has none the less, failed to perform to date. Additional research is required into why this investment is not producing 2.5 years into the project.

Evidence also indicates that Gordon Jones was defrauded and financially destroyed by Russi Asbert Boyenne (aka Jonathan Russi), which resulted in the non-performance of Jones contract with Big Sky for Phase II funding. Following the collapse of Mr. Jones contract to fund Big Sky Phase II, Danny Lenard and Alpha Wealth Management was brought in to replace Jones. Lenard also failed to perform under his contracts with Big Sky as he never had the alleged financial resources necessary to perform. Documents indicate that Lenard was working to capture oil and gas leases from Big Sky and John Kevin Moore through Black Stallion LLC, but was unable to perform under that contract as well. (Lenard is the sole owner, member and officer of numerous corporate “shell” entities, none of which appear to have any assets or normal business activity.)

Failure to perform by all (Davey) Phase II financiers, left the company unable to move forward while the oil and gas leases secured by Big Sky were moving towards an expiration date. Research indicates that Moore was scrambling to keep his LLC members happy while he searched for a legitimate Phase II financier. In some cases, paying back all or part of initial Phase I contributions or paying an amount equal to interest, upon the individual requests of certain members. To accomplish this, Moore was often selling off private property, personal assets and his own LLC units to cover those payments.

The following individuals were brought to Big Sky by original LLC member and paid consultant ($30,000+) Brad Davey. Robert Reininga, Lee Wislowski, Gordon Jones, Danny Christopher Lenard and Dr. Theodore (Ted) Topolski (may be an alias). These contacts were catastrophic to the ongoing operations of Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC and John Kevin Moore. Yet, it appears Brad Davey is the only individual to receive immunity to work for the prosecution against his 30-year best friend, John Kevin Moore.

Once the fraudulent Phase II financiers failed to perform, the State of Montana and United States moved against John Kevin Moore essentially for failing to perform at Big Sky on behalf of LLC members. They have taken a highly questionable and selective view of LLC activities to suit their agenda in this matter, while seeming to protect the well-known career criminals at ground zero of this case.

Additionally, the person responsible for all legal work and advice in these events is an attorney from Missouri named Douglas Drysdale.

Drysdale misrepresented himself as not only a qualified corporate attorney, but an expert in oil and gas with prior employment by British Petroleum in the UK on his resume’. We were unable to confirm any of the representations by Drysdale concerning his alleged expertise.

Despite documented evidence to the contrary, Drysdale now insists he had nothing to do with Big Sky or deals involving known criminals that resulted in the collapse of the Big Sky venture.

Prosecutors in the case are alleging that John Kevin Moore set out to defraud LLC members of their venture contributions, first and foremost based upon inaccurate testimony from State Official Lynne Egan and Jesse Laslevich, both of whom testified that “no such leases exist according to her state-wide forensic search.” The leases in question, the underlying asset for the Big Sky venture, did actually exist and were properly filed in Lewis and Clark County, MT. Prosecutors have since acknowledged that these leases did in fact exist and did hold significant value.

That testimony caused the Honorable Judge Robert Allison of Flathead County to detain John Kevin Moore indefinitely pending trial. John Kevin Moore has suffered complete personal financial ruin, character assassination and severe declining health as a result of these actions by State and Federal Officials.

John Kevin Moore has been held without bond since June 2017, without any reason or evidence whatsoever that Mr. Moore presents any type of flight risk. Further, the State of Montana and Federal prosecutors have either seized or frozen all assets know to belong to, all or in part, John Kevin Moore. Mr. Moore has experienced a steady decline in his health as a direct result of his wrongful incarceration and has been denied the ability to prepare any defense against charges while incarcerated.

The freezing of his assets has prevented defendant Moore from being able to utilize those assets to fund a proper defense. Prosecutors have also sought to eliminate attorney-client privilege and overtly impede all efforts for Mr. Moore and counsel to mount any real defense. As recently as this week, defense counsel was prevented from keeping a scheduled visit with Moore. They have also refused to allow “privacy” for attorney-client consultations and cut meetings short to further impede defense efforts for Moore.

On May 9, 2018, the Honorable Judge Morris will hear arguments and testimony regarding John Kevin Moore’s release from federal custody so that he and legal defense counsel can properly prepare for trial currently scheduled for June 19, 2018.

The Honorable Judge Brian Matthew Morris – Us District Court, Montana

In our study of all relative events, documents, correspondence and research into all the individuals involved in the Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC operations, we uncovered a number of known national and international con-men whom Moore and others have had the misfortune of trusting. It is our opinion based upon our extensive research, that John Kevin Moore did not set out to, or engage in, defrauding anyone in the matter of Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC. Instead, evidence indicates that John Kevin Moore is a victim of career criminals along with his fellow LLC members. In addition, Moore is being victimized a second time by the wrongful incarceration without bond and prosecution based upon false testimony from government witnesses and LLC members who relied upon that false testimony in their own complaints and testimony.



1. Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC of Montana is a properly formed legitimate start-up business venture in the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry. Managing members have been John Kevin Moore, Brad Davey, MG Paul Vallely, Attorney Douglas Drysdale and Alpha Wealth Management (aka Danny Christopher Lenard)

2. According to the testimony of Lynne Egan, she was originally approached by four complainants against Mr. Moore and Big Sky, not including Democratic Party candidate for the US House, Denise Juneau. Based upon our research, we have reason to believe that those four initial complainants are; MG Paul E. Vallely, Ms. Janet Walters, Brad Davey and Candra and Trevor Niswanger. Some of these individuals have proven criminal intent in their related actions. We also have reason to believe that the Niswanger LLC members are family members by marriage, of Attorney Patrick Flaherty, who insisted upon becoming Mr. Moore’s defense counsel without ever even moving for a bond hearing on Mr. Moore’s behalf. The Niswanger’s are on record stating “they want to see Moore rot in jail.”

3. A majority of unit-holders are long-time family, friends and associates of John Kevin Moore and other members and most, if not all, are experienced accredited investor types.

4. Because of outsiders brought in by managing members Brad Davey and MG Paul Vallely to advise and finance, John Kevin Moore is a victim, along with his fellow LLC members, in their attempt to launch a legitimate oil, gas and mineral exploration company for legal profit. Evidence supports a theory that those “outsiders” are the real criminals in this case

5. Testimony provided by State Official Lynne Egan and Jesse Laslevich at the foundation of this case, is false (Egan’s alleged statewide forensic search either knowingly or unknowingly overlooked the proper LLC controlled leases appropriately filed in Lewis and Clark County) – We have been advised that Ms. Lynne Egan is now employed by the Crossroads Prison where Mr. Moore is being held without bond, possibly in return for her false testimony before the court

6. To have wire fraud, you must first have an underlying fraud related to the wire transactions. Mere communications by way of electronic technologies, or normal electronic financial business transactions alone, do not constitute “wire fraud” and no such underlying fraud appears to exist

7. A “PONZI scheme” is a fraudulent investment operation in which the operator simply generates returns for early investors via revenue from new investors. In most cases, there are no underlying assets (60,000-acre oil, gas and mineral leases) involved and there is no intent on the part of the scheme operator to operate a legitimate business. All evidence shows that such is not the case here, as the prosecution has since acknowledged the existence and value of LLC leases, despite Egan’s false testimony

8. The Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC Operating Agreement, drafted by the company attorney and managing member Douglas Drysdale, established that the means for raising venture capital were a subscription to units, not constituting a sale of securities and not subject to Securities Exchange Commission laws governing the “public sale” of securities or stocks, as advised in writing by corporate attorney Douglas Drysdale

9. At least two LLC members clearly set out to undermine and destroy the legitimate LLC operations, MG Paul E. Vallely and his prior business associate and friend, Ms. Janet Walters. Vallely and Walters are close NEMO Arms associates and it appears that Walters relied upon Egan’s false testimony for her own testimony. Ms. Walters was brought into Big Sky by fellow NEMO Arms stakeholder MG Paul Vallely. Testimony provided by Federal witness Janet Walters is also false in many instances.

10. Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC was and remains a legitimate business venture engaged in legal activities, although governmental interference in operations following the fraudulent acts of Russi Asbert Boyenne (aka Jonathan Russi), Danny Christopher Lenard and Douglas Drysdale, allowed the leases (underlying asset) held by Big Sky to expire.

11. Primary complainant MG Paul Valley had no known financial investment in Big Sky Mineral Resources, but was a founding managing member of the LLC. Mr. Moore’s trusted friend and his previous employer at Stand-Up America, MG Paul E. Vallely therefore, has no legal standing as a “complainant” and instead, is listed only as a “material witness for the prosecution.”

12. Missouri Attorney Douglas Drysdale has provided false information to the prosecution and has engaged in other financial scams with Danny Christopher Lenard. Drysdale was brought into Big Sky by original managing member MG Paul Vallely

13. Known Texas financial con artist Danny Christopher Lenard is notorious for the same type of financial scams he was committing in this case and is actively executing similar scams internationally at present

14. Dr. Ted Topolski (may be an alias) and alleged unconfirmed member of the Switzerland Chamber of Commerce, is also a known international con artist who conned John Kevin Moore and others out of funds for a “fire brick” investment that he owned and controlled no part of. Topolski is known for running similar international financial cons and is last known to have returned to Switzerland to avoid arrest in the states. (UPDATE – Topolski stayed in Switzerland until the Moore trial ended and returned to the USA only days after the Moore conviction.)

15. Gordon Jones was a successful owner/operator of several gold mines, aka Meteor Gold. He was supposed to be the initial Phase II financier of the Big Sky oil and gas exploration, through the sale of his gold mines in Powell County, Montana. Jones was introduced to Big Sky and Mr. Moore by Brad Davey

16. However, Jones was scammed by yet another known international con artist operating under the alias Jonathan Russi, (aka Jonathan R. Boyenne; Rossi A Bowen; Russi Asbert Boyenne; Rossi A Bowen; Russi Asbert Bowen; Asbort Bowen; Asbert Russi Bowen; Asbert J Bowen) who twice bounced a check in the amount of $3.6 million to Mr. Jones through Wells Fargo Bank in Montana, defaulting on a $36 million contract to purchase Jones gold mines. Research indicates that this individual may also be wanted by Interpol for numerous similar international crimes, along with his presumed wife, Kamela Boyenne.

17. Jones Phase II contract commitment with Big Sky was stopped by massive losses Jones suffered as a direct result of the scam played out by Jonathan Russi (Boyenne)

18. After Gordon Jones was defrauded by Jonathan Russi, he and Brad Davey introduced John Kevin Moore and Big Sky to another Phase II financier by the name of Danny Christopher Lenard, Texas. Lenard issued false letters of credit as “proof of funds” via a bogus Credit Suisse Account, to support his contract with Big Sky to become a 49% stakeholder in Big Sky in return for his multi-million-dollar Phase II financing. Back Ground Records and research on other similar activities involving Lenard and other victims unrelated to Big Sky or John Kevin Moore, evidence the fact that Danny Christopher Lenard is a career con artist still involved in similar international scams to defraud oil, gas, mineral, art, diamond and real estate investors today

19. Research also turned up other incidents wherein Lenard and Drysdale appear to be actively working together in similar circumstances

20. Had any of the Phase II financiers kept their contractual commitments to Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, a case against Moore would have never been filed. Instead, there are several known criminals engaged in defrauding John Kevin Moore, Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, its members and others, such as Gordon Jones

21. Originating LLC member Brad Davey has been paid $30,000+ in consulting fees for bringing in Phase II financiers, Reininga, Jones, Lenard and Topolski, all of whom turned out to be fraudulent operators. We believe that Mr. Davey sought and received immunity from prosecution in return for his cooperation with prosecutors in this case

22. Despite a $30,000 cash retainer paid by some of Mr. Moore’s LLC partners, the Flaherty Law Firm has provided no quantifiable services to defend John Kevin Moore over the past nine months. The Flaherty firm has refused to share critical defense information with their client Mr. Moore, or his assigned representatives, Power of Attorney, family or friends. Mr. Moore has been sitting in a private “for profit” correction facility for nine months without any competent or active legal representation. Further, research has uncovered reasonable concerns that the Flaherty firm may be working in concert with the prosecution to convict Mr. Moore or extort from him, a plea bargain for crimes he did not commit. The Flaherty firm has constantly refused to provide an active defense for defendant Moore or the LLC and its members. The firm has also refused to refund or provide any accounting for their use of a $30,000 retainer. In this regard, we have confirmed that the Flaherty Law Firm has no official pleadings or motions filed on behalf of their client Mr. Moore. We also have evidence that Pat and/or Dan Flaherty have violated attorney client privilege on numerous occasions by disclosing privileged information concerning their client to prosecutors for their own benefit. Last, we believe that the Flaherty Law Firm has colluded with both State and Federal Prosecutors to the detriment of client John Kevin Moore, in part as a result of family ties between the Flaherty family and certain LLC complainants against their defendant, in a direct conflict of interest

23. In our research of this case, we have found NO civil suits or individual criminal complaints filed by any Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC member, members, or vendors, against the LLC, John Kevin Moore, MG Paul Vallely, Brad Davey, Douglas Drysdale, Danny Christopher Lenard or anyone else involved in the Big Sky venture. In short, there is no underlying formal complaint by any LLC member at the foundation of this Federal indictment of John Kevin Moore. The case appears to be entirely based upon rumors from a few disgruntled LLC members and the false testimony of State Officials Egan and Laslevich.

24. Further, despite being fully aware of the criminal activities committed by numerous outsiders brought in mostly by MG Paul Valley and Brad Davey, causing the demise of an otherwise viable venture, prosecutors have filed no criminal charges against any of the known local or international con artists responsible for the damages caused John Kevin Moore and all Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC members.

25. The complexity of this case will require ongoing updates to this report.



How the DOJ maintains a 99.8% Conviction Rate
United States vs. John Kevin Moore

On August 3, 2018, after 13 months in Montana prisons without bond, Mr. John Kevin Moore was convicted on all charges after being limited to a rushed one-day defense by Montana Federal Judge Brian Morris, appointed to the bench by Democrat President Barack Obama in 2013.

Moore was a co-founding member of Montana Oil and Gas exploration operation, Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, that once held very valuable oil and gas leases on 60,000 acres of Montana land, along with MG Paul Vallely, Army (retired) and Brad Davey.

Original charges filed against Mr. Moore on June 8, 2017, were replaced with a much narrower superseding indictment only days before the trial was to begin. Because Mr. Moore was in ill health from very poor prison conditions for over a year, defense counsel Moriarty Law decided to proceed to trial even though they had only days to prepare following the superseding indictment filed by Federal Prosecutor Ryan Weldon on July 12, 2018, with the trial set to begin on July 30, 2018.

Moore was first charged with Ponzi, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud and Misuse of LLC Funds in 2017, based upon a Montana Auditors Office affidavit full of false statements. Montana froze Mr. Moore’s assets and despite holding Moore in prison for over a year, the Federal Prosecutor did not have adequate evidence to support those charges, resulting in the superseding indictment filed on July 12, 2018, charging Mr. Moore with Wire Fraud, Misuse of LLC Funds and false statements to investigators.


The Beginning

The initial investigation into Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC was launched by then Montana Commissioner of Insurance and Securities, Monica Lindeen, a Democratic Party politician closely associated with Democratic Party activists Lynne Egan, also of the State Auditor’s Office, Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party and Democratic Party challenger to House Representative Ryan Zinke, Denise Juneau. Lindeen’s office is now occupied by moderate Republican Matthew Rosendale, who is seeking a U.S. Senate seat in 2018 with the help of Mr. Ryan Zinke.

Lindeen was a Democratic member of the Montana House of Representatives from 1999 to 2006, representing House District 43. Monica Lindeen served as Vice Chair of the Montana Democratic Party from 1997 to 2000. In 1996 she ran for House District 7 but lost to the incumbent. Lindeen was also a Democratic Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 2006, running against Republican incumbent Dennis Rehberg, losing the election with 39% of the vote to Rehberg’s 59%.

The United States vs. John Kevin Moore began as something quite different. In 2016, now Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, was a U.S. House Member at Large for the State of Montana, running for a second term. Mr. Zinke’s 2016 Democratic Party challenger was Denise Juneau of Helena Montana.

Working in concert with close friends of many years, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Nancy Keenan and Montana State Auditor Lynne Egan, a political campaign to smear Ryan Zinke with stories of his “questionable” real estate, oil and gas interests in Montana, was launched though local media outlets in mid-2016, including his friendship with MG Paul Vallely, John Kevin Moore and his potential involvement with Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC. Both Vallely and Moore, via Vallely’s Stand-Up America, had been hosting fund-raisers for Mr. Zinke’s campaign throughout 2016 and 2017.

Newspapers and local news channels in heavily Democrat Montana districts Missoula, Gallatin and Silver Bow, ran numerous hit pieces on Mr. Zinke in a coordinated effort with the Montana Democratic Party, the Juneau Campaign and the State Auditor’s Office, to undermine Mr. Zinke’s re-election bid to the US House of Representatives.

During the campaign season, Democratic Party challenger Denise Juneau was introduced to MG Paul Vallely and John Kevin Moore by close Vallely friend and prior business partner Janet Walters, at a local breakfast.

While Walters wanted to get Vallely on board the Juneau challenge for Zinke’s House seat, Vallely wanted to introduce fellow NEMO Arms investor Janet Walters to John Kevin Moore, Vallely’s fellow Managing Member of Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, for investment purposes. Walters later became a contributing member of Big Sky Mineral Resources on the recommendation of Big Sky Managing Member, Paul Vallely.

Despite coordinated efforts to undermine the Zinke re-election campaign, by August 1, 2017, Zinke had won his re-election to the US House by a 56-40 margin over Democrat challenger Juneau.

However, the Montana State Auditor’s Office was still out on a limb concerning its allegation of Ponzi, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud and Misuse of LLC Funds in 2016 and 2017 against Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, based entirely upon a Montana Auditor’s Office affidavit full of false statements, given under oath by then State Auditor Lynne Egan, Democratic Party campaign friends with candidate Denise Juneau and Montana DNC Executive Director Nancy Keenan.

The campaign to defeat Ryan Zinke had failed, but a criminal case concerning Big Sky Mineral Resources had already made headlines across Montana and even in national news. Someone had to be charged with something and as Mr. Zinke was soon after chosen by President Donald Trump as his Secretary of the Interior, Zinke was off limits, although other DNC media smear efforts to destroy Mr. Zinke continue to this day.


By mid-to-late 2017

All alleged assets of Mr. Moore had been frozen since September 2016, allowing the Big Sky Mineral Resources primary asset of oil and gas leases over 60,000 acres to expire in early 2017, rendering the LLC essentially inoperable and leaving every Big Sky member without any means to recover their initial contributions in the venture.

After failing to unseat Ryan Zinke in the US House race, the focus turned from Zinke to John Kevin Moore an ongoing investigation into the Big Sky Mineral Resources venture. Moore’s former managing partner and employer at Stand-Up America, MG Paul Vallely and Ryan Zinke had had a falling out, years after Zinke appointed Vallely to the board of Zinke’s Super-PAC, SOFA, in 2012, which had pending FEC complaints against it at the time.

The storm was brewing over Big Sky Mineral Resources, LLC, and Moore would soon find himself a hapless target of very powerful “friends” in U.S. and Montana State politics.

Attorney Hinchey first defended Moore in a case brought by the Montana State Auditor’s office, based on the false testimony of Lynne Egan.

But once the Fed’s stepped in and took over the case, Hinchey was out of his league and Patrick Flaherty became Moore’s new counsel in the U.S. vs. Moore indictments of 2017.

Later, it became clear to Moore and his supporters that Pat Flaherty was not going to present a real defense for Moore, after months of no defense progress and as Flaherty’s daughter was married to the son of Big Sky Mineral Resources contributors and key complainants against Moore, Trevor and Chandra Niswanger, a clear conflict of interest for attorney Flaherty. This explained why the prosecution was receiving information from defense counsel behind the scenes.

Again, Moore was forced to change counsel in his defense, with a narrowing field of prospective legal teams willing to even consider taking the case due to implications of impropriety by State and Federal Officials.

Enter Moriarty Law, who in the end, was allowed one-day to mount a defense for Mr. Moore on Friday August 3, 2018, with a jury that had listened to four days of highly complex financial testimony and only a few rushed hours of defense before issuing a guilty verdict in plenty of time to make it home for dinner.

However, by this time, the clock was running out on Moore in numerous ways. Incarcerated without bond for 13 months in conditions worse the Guantanamo Bay Cuba, his health was failing, his assets were all gone, and the “justice” deck had been stacked so hard against him that there was no way he would find truth or justice in the circus-stunt show they called a trial.


Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Ryan Zinke

Currently, Mr. Zinke is a member of President Trump’s Cabinet as Secretary of the Interior. Prior to being appointed to that post, Mr. Zinke was a second term Member of the US House for the State of Montana, from 2015-2017, having won his re-election bid in a 56-40 defeat of Democratic challenger Denise Juneau, who was ranked 6th in the nation for her fund-raising capacity during the 2016-17cycle.

From 2009 to 2013, Mr. Zinke was a State Senator representing the city of Whitefish, widely seen as a “moderate Republican” at the time and selected as chair of the Senate Education Committee. During his four years in the Montana Senate and Chairman of the Montana Education Committee, he worked closely with Denise Juneau, Democrat Superintendent of Public Instruction of Montana from January 5, 2009 – January 2, 2017. Close friends Juneau and Executive Director of The Montana Democratic Party, Nancy Keenan were also heavily directly involved in matters concerning Montana Education during this period.

For proper context, as Chairman of the Montana Education Committee, Zinke had to work with Juneau and Keenan, as a Montana State Senator between 2009-2013. In 2015-16, Montana Democratic Party operatives Denise Juneau, Nancy Keenan, Lynne Egan, Monica Lindeen and Janet Walters were all engaged in a Democratic Party effort to unseat Ryan Zinke in the US House of Representatives. That effort took the form of an original investigation into the activities of Big Sky Mineral Resources, which later became the trial of John Kevin Moore.


Judge Brian Morris

Judge Brian Morris presided over the trial in Great Falls Montana. It seemed strange from the start that Judge Morris would limit such a complex trial based largely on hearsay testimony from some angry LLC members, investigators and bank records, to only 4-5 days. Even stranger that Judge Morris allowed the prosecution unlimited time to present over the first four days and only one rushed day for defense to present, before sending the jury to deliberate at dinner time Friday evening.

It seemed strange that Judge Morris allowed prosecution comments regarding Ponzi and Securities Fraud despite those accusations lacking any evidence, the prosecution replacing those charges in their superseding indictment of July 12, 2018, and an order to refrain from any such references in the trial that no longer included any such charges.

It also seemed strange that a mountain of evidence concerning the truth of what really happened at Big Sky Mineral Resources, relative numerous known criminals who essentially took advantage of all Big Sky LLC members, including Moore, to enter the court proceedings, leaving the real criminals responsible for the demise of Big Sky a free pass by the prosecution.

Predictably, under these circumstances, the façade of a trial resulted in a very swift conviction of John Kevin Moore on all charges, which due to Mr. Moore’s current health, is a death sentence for Mr. Moore.


Connecting the Dots

The Democratic Party witch hunt for Ryan Zinke, where this entire saga begins, involves players who are very easily and undeniably connected throughout. Nancy Keenan, Monica Lindeen, Lynne Egan, Denise Juneau and Janet Walters are all connected at the hip and have been for many years in Democratic Party circles.

But in this case, the connections run even deeper, between Ryan Zinke, Nancy Keenan and Denise Juneau, through the Montana Office of Public Instruction and Zinke’s Chairmanship of the Montana State Education Commission – the 2016 race for the US House seat held by Zinke, as well as Zinke’s connection to key witness for the prosecution, MG Paul Vallely, who also has a close relationship with the other primary witnesses against Moore, fellow NEMO Arms investor Janet Walters. That’s not all, however…

Before Judge Brian Morris became a Federal Judge appointed by then President Barack Obama in 2013, he was a Justice on the Montana Supreme Court. From 2004 through 2005, Montana Supreme Court Justice Brian Morris had a law clerk by the name of Denise Juneau. The same Denise Juneau who worked with Morris, Egan, Keenan, Lindeen, Walters, Vallely and now current candidate for U.S. Senate and Commissioner of Insurance and Securities for the State of Montana, Matt Rosendale.

Of course, Moore was going to be found guilty. He was hung by the people he thought to be his closest friends, Paul Vallely, Ryan Zinke, Brad Davey and many others. The so-called trial was rigged from the start.

Morris, Egan, Juneau, Zinke, Keenan, Lindeen, Vallely, Walters and numerous others, all powerful political insiders in Montana and DC politics. Odd man out? John Kevin Moore… and that is how the Department of Justice maintains a 99.8% conviction rate. Only 2/1000 charged by the DOJ nationwide will defeat those charges. Those two will be someone who could afford millions in defense…





After 13 months in prison without bond, the John Kevin Moore trial began on July 30, 2018 under a new superseding indictment. Unable to evidence any Ponzi Scheme or Securities Fraud, the original indictment relative alleged Ponzi, Wire and Securities Fraud was replaced with the new superseding indictment narrowed to Wire Fraud, misuse of company funds and/or Money Laundering and Lying to a Federal Investigator.

In the pre-trial hearing, Judge Morris asked counsel how long they would need to present their respective cases. The Prosecution asked for one week to present and the defense asked for one week to respond, two weeks total, which Judge Morris affirmed.

Instead, Judge Morris scheduled courtroom time for a total of one week, half the time requested by both sides. Upon opening the trial on July 30, the Judge immediately started pressing for the trial to be over by or before the end of that week, August 3, 2018.

As a result, the prosecution was allowed more than four days of prosecution testimony and evidence and less than one day for the defense to respond on the final day allowed by the Judge, August 3, 2018.

After only a few hours of defense testimony, which include other BSMR members testimony in defense of John Kevin Moore, the Judge instructed the jury to put a rush on deliberations so that everyone could go home.

The jury deliberated for less than 2-hours before returning a guilty verdict on all three superseding charges in time for Friday night dinner. Moore was convicted on August 3, 2018 after only being allowed a few hours of defense.


John Kevin Moore

Several of the prosecutions witnessed against Moore were active participants in criminal activities against Moore and BSMR and the prosecution knew it. Two main players were granted government immunity in return for them testifying against Moore.

During the same period that Moore was held without bond for now 14 months, other Federal Judges in numerous other cases across the country were setting bond for murders, rapists, illegal aliens and even a Jihad training camp in New Mexico where the compound was training children to commit mass shootings at U.S. schools, releasing the Jihad trainers on a mere signature bond despite finding the dead body of a three-year-old on the compound.

Across the country, Federal Judges are turning known violent criminals loose, even known terrorist training cell leaders preparing children for Jihad, as they held Moore in custody without bond, often forced to sleep in human urine and feces, on the cold concrete floor of private for-profit prisons overcrowded with American citizens, also held under similar prosecutorial circumstances.

The sentencing hearing for Moore was set out to November as Moore awaits appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Meanwhile, the criminal who really caused the destruction of an otherwise legitimate business venture remain untouched. What’s happening to Moore happens to Americans across the country daily, including the current President of the United States. The U.S. Justice system is nothing more than a closed-circuit penal system today.


Companion Documentation

Affidavit of Lynn Egan

Request for Criminal Investigation 1

Request for Criminal Investigation 2

Superseding Indictment

Executed Resignation Letter

Courtesy of The Washington Standard

Article posted with permission from Jim White

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