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Missouri: Illegal Alien Released by New Jersey Sanctuary City Murders 3 People in 2 Days

Missouri: Illegal Alien Released by New Jersey Sanctuary City Murders 3 People in 2 Days

(Natural News) When those on the far-Left bash POTUS Donald Trump as a “racist” for his calls to build a border wall and end so-called “sanctuary cities,” they are doing so in part as a means of distracting us from the myriad of criminal acts committed by illegals who have been released into society by Democratic policies.

Just like their claims that there is no such thing as “voter fraud” are lies, so too are their claims that illegal immigrants don’t commit heinous criminal acts and those sanctuary city policies always benefit us.

Take the case of Luis Rodrigo Perez, an illegal alien who was arrested in Middlesex County, New Jersey in December 2017 on charges of domestic assault and battery. He was summarily released by authorities under a sanctuary policy by local authorities despite the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested a detainer on him.

From there, Perez somehow made his way to Missouri, where he then proceeded to murder three people over a two-day time span.

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“Had ICE’s detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail, Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country — and three innocent people might be alive today,” said Corey Price, acting ICE executive associate director, according to the Washington Times which was cited by PJ Media.

John Tsoukaris, the ICE deportation operations field director in Newark, N.J., called the county’s policy “reckless.” He noted further that Perez had a violent history and clearly was a candidate for cooperation with the immigration enforcement agency — back in the day when local departments weren’t being managed by Left-wing ideologues.

Incredibly, officials in Middlesex County actually blamed ICE and rejected any notion that they were responsible for the Missouri deaths. (Related: Are ‘Sanctuary City’ officials complicit in the murder of citizens by illegals who commit violence?)

The Times noted:

Officials said they have repeatedly told ICE they will only cooperate in some instances, such as someone convicted of a “first or second degree offense.” They said Perez’s case didn’t reach that level.

Still, they said, ICE had 51 days while Perez sat in jail during which the agency could have tried to get a deportation order for Perez. The county said it would have honored that order.

“Instead ICE officials chose to do nothing, which places all responsibility of Mr. Perez’s actions squarely upon ICE,” said county government officials in a statement.

Sanctuary apologists should have to explain themselves to victims

But is it true that Middlesex County authorities would have kept Perez? That’s doubtful. According to, “he had active warrants” in the state — and authorities let him go anyway. So how is that ICE’s fault? If a suspect has “active warrants,” doesn’t that generally mean he/she is wanted for a crime? Why didn’t Middlesex County authorities release him to other New Jersey police agencies that had issued warrants against him?

As PJ Media’s Rick Moran writes:

The bottom line is that sanctuary policy advocates are willing to accept a certain number of murders, rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes committed by illegal aliens. Their argument is that most illegals are law abiding and that most felonies committed by illegals shouldn’t disqualify them from being here.

Those arguments don’t hold water, considering that everyone who illegally invades the U.S. is a criminal, period.

But here’s an idea Moran offers that has merit: Make these officials who act as apologists for illegal alien murderers, rapists, and violent criminals explain to the families of their victims why they don’t believe they should be deported or jailed.

Let them look victims’ families in the eyes and tell them that the family’s interpretation of illegal alien criminal activity is wrong and those sanctuary policies are the way to go because they’re “compassionate.”

Our guess is that victims’ families won’t be too accommodating to that perspective.

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