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More Millennials believe in E.T. than believe in God

More Millennials believe in E.T. than believe in God

Maybe it’s all of the flying saucer home videos on YouTube, the 3,228 UFO sightings reported in 2018, or maybe the Trekkies have just won more people over,but survey after survey finds 60% of young Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life. A few years back a National Geographic study reported 70% said they believed that extraterrestrials had already visited the earth.

Overall, about 55% of American adults believe in God as presented in the Bible. That number is propped up by the over-sixty crowd with 66% holding their faith. Millennials, however, come in around 40%, with the other 60% betting on E.T. or nothing. With a millennial church attendance drop-out rate of almost 60 percent, it doesn’t seem likely that God is going to be making a comeback with this group anytime soon.

Perhaps these young people are looking towards outer space to fill a vacuum in their spiritual lives. Either the church failed them, or something just pulled them away…it doesn’t really matter—they’re gone now.

So, who cares and why am I reading this?

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Can we assume that the current moral decay in our society is related to so many people abandoning their religious values, and having nothing to replace them? It’s kind of hard to put much stock in the Ten Commandments if you don’t believe in the author. And can we assume that a nation without a good moral foundation is likely to fall into chaos? I say yes to both assumptions. Recent surveys on declining attitudes regarding families and marriage show an alarming long-term downward trend. The family is the bedrock of any society.

Our Constitution is built upon the belief in inalienable rights, which pre-supposes a God. If we remove “God” from God-given rights, what are we left with? That’s correct, our rights would now flow from the government. How will we ever return to the principles on which this nation was founded if our collective belief in God vanishes??

Is there a conspiracy to degrade moral behavior in our society?

Certainly, there is no place for God in the Communist Doctrine, and atheism among the masses would be an advantage. Did the conspirators get rid of God to make it easier to convert people to communism, or did the political indoctrination do it all on its own? It’s hard to say because a large portion of non-believers aren’t particularly politically active and not influenced by anything as direct as political recruitment. If we look to China and its crack-down on religion it’s plain that adherence to anything other than the Party credo can’t be tolerated without risking political destabilization; there are no official Gods in China, other than their Party leader.

What’s the advantage of creating religious turmoil in America?

A divided nation teeters on the razor’s edge. Religion can either divide or unite. Atheists don’t mingle well with true believers, and distrust hampers either side from working together. White Democrat respondents to this survey were less likely to believe in the God of the Bible (32%) than Republicans (70%). That difference alone could explain the gap in dealing with abortion.

As more and more of our young people turn their backs on the church and look to the stars for answers, there will be no reply to guide them or the nation they inherit. If this trend continues, where will the moral foundation this nation was built upon come from? Is there an alternative to religion that will help maintain the dreams of our forefathers?

Perhaps one day in the distant future this argument will be settled and people will be asking, “What would E.T. do?”

David Brockett is a Vietnam veteran, USMC officer and pilot. As a civilian, he worked in healthcare as a counselor and hospital administrator. He also writes articles on politics and current events. He and his wife divide their time between their home state of Texas, and Idaho.

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