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More Questionable Behavior Revealed In Hillary Clinton’s “Deleted” Emails

More Questionable Behavior Revealed In Hillary Clinton’s “Deleted” Emails

Hillary Clinton is good to her friends. But what’s $47 million to her when it doesn’t come out of her own pocket?

It’s been so long that we almost forgot about the 32,000 emails that Hillary claimed were personal back in 2015. You know, the ones about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding. They were irrelevant, she told us, so she ordered them to be deleted and then destroyed. Unfortunately for Hill, the FBI was able to retrieve a portion of them.

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reported on a series of emails that were released on August 28th in response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request. Among them are emails between Hillary and long-time friend and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had been heavily lobbying her to drum up business for Symbion Power, located in Africa. He was the company’s Director. (Wilson had been the ambassador to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe.)

A year after Wilson’s lobbying efforts began, “a foreign aid agency chaired by Clinton, awarded the company a $47 million contract to build a power plant in Tanzania.”

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Both the foreign aid agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Symbion “have downplayed Wilson’s influence on Clinton, however, an email recently released by the Department of State shows Clinton heard of the company through Wilson.”

Following a diplomatic visit to the company’s energy plant in Dar es Salaam in 2011, Clinton sent the following email to Wilson on June 12, 2011:

“You did not oversell Symbion. I was very impressed by the project and the people who are part of the team. Thx for bringing the company to my attention and then pushing for me to make the stop.”

Unsurprisingly, Sidney Blumenthal, who was a mutual friend of both Clinton and Wilson initiated the communications. In an early email routed through Blumenthal, Wilson wrote:

We will be bidding on all of the upcoming MCC financed power generation and distribution projects.

Clinton appeared interested in the topic, writing to aides: “Pls be sure I see Joe.”

Wilson’s email to Clinton on November 10, 2009:

“As I wrote to you earlier, I am a director for Symbion Power and may soon assume more direct responsibility for all of Africa as Symbion expands there from its current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

(Wilson noted that Blumenthal had previously given Clinton information detailing Symbion’s “success in the most difficult and dangerous environments.)

“We now want to bring that business model and philosophy to Africa where the social entrepreneurship and the development of skilled labor is imperative for Africa’s long term economic prospects, as you have so forcefully articulated in past comments.”

The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reports:

Clinton also forwarded one inquiry from Wilson to Jacob Lew, who served at the time as deputy secretary of state for management and resources. In the Dec. 22, 2009 email, Wilson pressed Clinton and Lew on the process to obtain U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contracts in Afghanistan.

Clinton and Wilson also met at the State Department in December 2009, according to Clinton’s calendars.

It is unclear whether Wilson’s relentless lobbying helped Symbion, but he has argued in a lawsuit he filed against Symbion in 2015 that his work for the company helped it secure federal contracts.

In an Oct. 15, 2015 court filing, Wilson claimed he “was directly and deeply involved on behalf of Symbion in pursuing and developing the business opportunities for Symbion, including the Millennium Challenge Fund.”

Symbion disputed Wilson’s claims, saying his contacts with Clinton did not contribute to the firm winning the $50 million MCC contract. Instead, Symbion called the revelation of Wilson’s emails “embarrassing.” MCC has also denied that Clinton helped Symbion win the Tanzania contract.

But other emails show Clinton could likely be taking direct action to help Symbion at Wilson’s request.

In one series of emails from July 2011, Wilson asked Clinton to intervene in a business dispute between Symbion and Jeffrey Immelt, who then served as CEO of General Electric.

“I know that you mentioned that you were going to call Jeff Immelt after your trip,” Wilson wrote in a July 20, 2011 email.

“When you make that call, I would appreciate your telling him that Symbion, which is already operating a GE plant in [Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam] can only expand that plant to meet the challenge if GE is prepared to share some of the inherent risk with us and waives the payment guarantee requirement.”

It is unclear whether Clinton spoke to Immelt about Symbion, but emails show that she did forward Wilson’s request to Johnnie Carson, the then-Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Carson then contacted Alfonso Lenhardt, the U.S.’s ambassador to Tanzania, who then reached out to GE.

There’s nothing illegal about these actions. This type of backscratching goes on every day in Washington and it pales in comparison to Hillary’s many criminal offenses. However, it demonstrates the way Hillary conducted her affairs at both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation; and if I represented one of the rival bidders for this project, I would be extremely disturbed.

Hillary would argue that she was correct to delete these emails because they were personal business.

This story makes us wonder what other items of interest might be found in the emails that her minions were instructed to destroy. These emails are being released in tranches, the last one occurring on October 4th. We’ll stay tuned.

One thing is certain: Hillary Clinton makes it rain for her friends.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Elizabeth Vaughn is a conservative political blogger and mom of three residing in southern Connecticut. Following a career in the financial services industry, she is now a regular contributor to Freedom Outpost. Contact her at

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