MSNBC Guest: Democrats Must ‘Stop Pandering To The White Working Class… That Isn’t The Future Of This Country’

Danielle Moodie-Mills told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Wednesday that Democrats need to “stop pandering to the white working class” which is demographically becoming a minority because they’re not “the future of this country.”

After saying that “white Americans” and “conservative Americans” are “afraid of what’s coming down the pike” demographically, the Woke AF host said:

“What Democrats need to stop doing is stop pandering to the white working class as if they’re the only ones that are part of the working class. This is the problem. When we get into identity politics and we were told, after the 2016 election: ‘stop talking about identity politics, that’s what lost us the election.'”


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“What lost us the election is constantly pandering to a class that isn’t on your side, that isn’t the future of this country, that isn’t the future of the party. What black Americans have shown time and time again is that they are the backbone of the Democratic Party, and yet receive none of the investment from it.”

“So the idea is this: let us stop pretending that white women and white men are going to save us from ourselves. They’re not going to. They’re always going to vote with their whiteness. That’s the reality. That’s the reality that we’re living in.”

Moodie-Mills went on to say the “base” of the Democratic Party is “people of color” and not those at “the top” of their party’s pyramid, presumably meaning white people.

It’s worth noting the inverse of Moodie-Mills’s electoral strategy is Steve Sailer’s the “Sailer Strategy,” which is for Republicans to aggressively go after white voters.

Incidentally, Steve Sailer was pretty much blacklisted from the media as a result of such theories whereas Moodie-Mills can advocate the same in reverse with the establishment media’s full backing.

Really makes you think.

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