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Murder for money: Whistleblower reveals hospitals get PAID for every COVID patient admitted

Murder for money: Whistleblower reveals hospitals get PAID for every COVID patient admitted

(Natural News) A whistleblower revealed to Del Bigtree of “The HighWire” that hospitals get bonuses for every patient infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Tennessee resident AJ DePriest said some hospitals are even paid almost half a million dollars for every admitted COVID-19 patient.

DePriest, who hails from Wilson County, told Bigtree that hospitals in her home state get $166,000 for every hospitalized COVID-19 patient. This trend is not only limited to Tennessee hospitals as DePriest presented documents showing other states having larger payouts for every COVID-19 admission.

“Nebraska is getting $379,000 per COVID patient in the hospital; West Virginia, $471,000 [and] North Dakota, $339,000,” said Bigtree.

According to DePriest, hospitals have to follow the COVID-19 treatment protocol set by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in order to be eligible for the money. “It all leads back to those NIH protocols. In those protocols, the only approved drugs for use in hospitals for COVID start with remdesivir,” said DePriest.

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She added that aside from admissions, hospitals are also paid for COVID-related procedures they do on patients. “They get $39,000 for every COVID patient on a ventilator. Plus, there’s a 20 percent bonus add-on – which is a weird thing to call something – when you’re murdering people using the remdesivir and the ventilator.”

DePriest added that hospitals are likewise hugely paid for administering polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. She explained: “Hospitals get paid a fortune just on these faulty PCR tests. They get the test for free, [but the] government pays every time they administer a test. They pay for every positive test [and] every test that results in a hospitalization. So [hospitals] make a fortune just off the faulty test alone.” (Related: Ann Vandersteel slams hospitals profiting from COVID-19 pandemic – Brighteon.TV.)

The whistleblower pointed her fingers at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for driving this money in a murderous scheme. “The CMS is responsible for that. They’ve got their hands, all their fingerprints are everywhere, all over extra payments to hospitals for killing people.”

Remdesivir key pillar of hospitals’ COVID-19 “death protocol”

“The reason why other countries don’t have the death rates we do is because the U.S., for the whole year [of] 2021, was the only country that was allowed to use remdesivir. To date, we’ve lost about 20,880 people in Tennessee in hospitals. These people aren’t dying at home from COVID; they’re dying in our hospitals,” DePriest said.

Bigtree agreed, saying: “For the first time in history, early treatment is not the answer. [Hospitals say] ‘go home, get more sick, then come back to us when your lips are blue. We put you on a ventilator [and] we give you remdesivir.’”

“This remdesivir shuts down your kidneys, which will cause your lungs to be filled with water. Now [they] say you’re dying of pneumonia, it’s actually a side effect of remdesivir. Perfect line of deaths of everybody walking into hospitals. Well done.”

Texas-based chiropractor and Brighteon.TV host Dr. Bryan Ardis also cited the role of remdesivir in hospitals’ COVID-19 death protocols. During a September 2021 appearance on “The Matrixxx Grooove Show,” he revealed that the antiviral medication formed part of an “ICU cocktail” alongside the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone and the antibiotic vancomycin.

These three drugs combined can cause the kidneys of COVID-19 patients to fail. “When you cause acute kidney failure with drugs that they’re using in ICUs while they have an intravenous drip that is putting water into their body – their abdomen, heart and lungs eventually fill up with water,” Ardis told program hosts Jeffrey “InTheMatrixxx” Pedersen and Shannon “ShadyGrooove” Townsend.

According to the chiropractor, the resulting accumulation of water in the lungs is then wrongly diagnosed as COVID pneumonia. He explained: “[Hospitals] are misdiagnosing that as COVID pneumonia that you continue to hear – [when] it’s actually pulmonary edema.”

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Watch the conversation between AJ DePriest and “The HighWire” host Del Bigtree about hospitals’ murder for money schemes below.

This video is from The Prisoner channel on has more stories about hospitals murdering COVID-19 patients for huge payouts.

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