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Must Watch! Terminated Nurse Who Didn’t Take The Shot Sends A Powerful Message To The World (Video)

Must Watch! Terminated Nurse Who Didn’t Take The Shot Sends A Powerful Message To The World (Video)

A nurse who was terminated for not getting the CONvid-1984 poison injection produced a video with a message that is extremely powerful, and she wants the world to see this message.

The unknown nurse held up written pieces of paper describing her work as a nurse for nearly 15 years.

She was terminated on December 14, 2021 because, in her words, “I no longer meet the requirements of my job, that I was not suitable to continue practicing as a nurse.”

This nurse worked in critical care.

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She expressed how she made choices in the past to give up bedtime with her children in order to look over her patients.

The nurse also made a choice to celebrate Christmas with her patients, many of whom were severely ill and some eventually died, instead of her children.

She made the choice to “skip breaks, stay late and miss events to provide the care my patients deserved.”

“I made the choice to operate external heart-lung bypass and perform CPR on your loved ones to give them a fighting chance at life,” her cards read. “I made the choice to pray over their bodies as I provided end of life care or brought them to the morgue.”

She even made the choice to show up the next day after such service.

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However, the nurse stated that those choices are not what matters right now. Instead, she wrote, “The only choice that currently defines me as nurse today is my choice to forgo an experimental treatment, my choice for medical freedom.”

She then had a message for those who would say “good, choices have consequences” to her termination, or those who might call her selfish.

“You have been led to believe that science supports this thinking, but let me tell you this,” her cards read. “Science does not rely on censorship, bribery, threats or coercion.”

She continued, “The science I trust is not manipulated, financially acquired, nor does it suppress questioning.”

“It prioritizes real-world evidence… not just funded trial data,” she added. “The truth is I want to keep my job and my livelihood, not to mention it is my duty and honour to protect my patients, but this isn’t about health, a vaccine, or me being a ‘risk’. This is about freedom!”

The nurse continued with “I am choosing this for our children.”

“Currently, our over-reaching governments (and affiliates) are dictating our choices all in the name of ‘science’,” she wrote. “I 100% support the choice to vaccinate. I do not support unethical mandates.”

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“As our freedoms slowly slip away, and become reliant on a ‘QR Code’ to work, gather, and move freely, I will leave you to ponder what might come next,” she concluded. “Until then… I will fight immorality, I will fight oppression, I will fight for you.”

Watch and share this powerful message!

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