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Mystery vehicles made 4am ballot drop at Detroit counting center, says observer

Mystery vehicles made 4am ballot drop at Detroit counting center, says observer

(Natural News) In the early morning hours of Nov. 4, three vehicles of unknown origin dropped off at least 130,000 ballots, also of unknown origin, at the official counting center in Detroit. And all of these ballots, according to an observer who witnessed the incident, were for Joe Biden.

In a video livestream that was originally shared via Facebook Live, Connie Johnson explained that a white van, a Chrysler 300, and a Ferrari all arrived at the TFC Center around 4am, long after the polls had closed, to deliver what turned out to be the deciding votes that handed the state of Michigan to Biden.

Before these vehicles arrived, President Trump had a substantial lead in the state, and more than likely would have won. But once the ballots arrived and were counted behind closed doors, Trump was quickly declared the loser and the state was called.

Johnson also said that nobody was allowed inside the room where the mystery ballots, all for Biden, were counted. In fact, those doing the counting put up large cardboard barriers to prevent election watchers from entering the room to help verify the count.

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“As they started counting the ballots, he was astonished that every single ballot, literally 100 percent of 130,000 ballots, were all Biden ballots that hadn’t been delivered to the precinct before the cutoff time,” Johnson further revealed, suggesting that these ballots, no matter who they were for, should not have been counted at all because they arrived too late.

“We literally have people that watched it happen,” she went on to explain about this blatantly fraudulent incident. “We have poll challengers that have been barred from being able to go into this room to challenge ballots. We’ve had GOP members removed from the room.”

Gretchen Whitmer used coronavirus excuses to deny GOP entry into ballot counting room

From the moment the mystery ballots arrived, it became clear that those in charge did not want any more Republican challengers in the ballot counting room. From that point onward, only far-leftists were allowed to see what was going on, while members of the GOP were forced to wait outside.

As many had previously speculated might be the case, Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services played the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) card by claiming that the ballot counting room was “over capacity,” and could not safely house any more poll challengers without triggering a “spike” in plandemic cases.

Rather than remove some of the Democrat challengers to make room for the legal number of Republican challengers that were supposed to be there, Whitmer and her comrades flouted the law and counted the mystery votes in private, delivering the state to Biden.

Poll challengers from the GOP, as well as those claiming to be non-partisan, faced not just denial of entry but also harassment and intimidation by government workers and Democrats alike, who prevented them from gaining legal access to the counting room.

“It’s really heartbreaking that this is what we have stooped to and allowed as a country,” Johnson lamented. “It is disgusting what is happening in Detroit. It’s about major fraud on a major scale … that was very well organized.”

Since Attorney General William Barr has done absolutely nothing to challenge this obvious voter fraud, instead referring folks to the corrupt FBI, the Trump team has set up a Voter Fraud Issue Report Form where anyone with evidence of voter fraud can submit a claim.

The Trump team had also tried to sue the state of Michigan, but we have since gotten word that this effort was unsuccessful.

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