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Naomi Wolf: No more normal placentas since COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Naomi Wolf: No more normal placentas since COVID-19 vaccine rollout

(Natural News) Whistleblower and renowned writer Naomi Wolf recently revealed that no more normal placentas have been seen since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines were rolled out.

The DailyClout CEO obtained the information from midwives she had talked to. According to the midwives, placentas of vaccinated mothers are shrunken and have a silver-gray color. These signs mean that the placentas are not big enough to sustain a normal baby.

Wolf shared her interview with California nurse-midwife Ellen Jasmer, who has seen these silver-gray placentas since 2022. “Some of these are shrunken. She showed me an image of a placenta that was like two inches in circumference, which is narrower, shorter and smaller than a normal placenta. Normal, healthy placenta is deep purple, or maroon and kind of thick. They’re a home for a baby for nine months,” Wolf said.

Jasmer also told Wolf about what she dubbed as “COVID bumps” or calcifications all over the placenta. According to the DailyClout CEO, these are visible to the naked eye.

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Ben Armstrong of the New American magazine, who played Wolf’s video about the abnormal placentas on his show, expressed shock over the revelations.

“I thought she would say 40 percent, but no, none. One hundred percent of the people she’s dealt with haven’t seen a normal placenta.”

COVID-19 shot a tool for depopulation

Armstrong pointed out that Wolf’s expose about the abnormal placentas only proves that the COVID-19 vaccine is a bioweapon aimed at depopulating the world. If the globalists cannot kill unsuspecting victims through the shots themselves, the injections will still sterilize people.

“We’ve all been saying this: One of the ways to depopulate would be to damage people’s reproductive systems,” he said. Armstrong recounted reports of the COVID-19 vaccine dramatically reducing men’s sperm counts and seriously impacting women’s reproductive systems.

“Yes, women do get pregnant. But these jabs are making it very difficult for them to go through their full-term pregnancy because their placentas are no longer normal after the shots.”

Armstrong also played an interview of Children’s Health Defense founder and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who denounced Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for rolling out the tetanus “vaccines” in Kenya. (Related: Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population.)

According to Kennedy, Gates and the World Health Organization “administered a million vaccines to [Kenyans] that are designed to sterilize them without their knowledge and against their will.” He told podcast host and former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly: “Tetanus toxoid is essentially a chemical castration drug, and he gave at least a million women in Kenya. They had similar programs in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.”

Moreover, Armstrong pointed out that Kenyan doctors and priests have noticed that the WHO and Gates administered the vaccines to Kenyan women six times a year instead of once every 10 years.

“On top of that, the tetanus program was only for women of childbearing age,” the program host added. “They made that obvious. That’s how they got caught.”

Head over to for more stories about the impacts of the COVID-19 vaccine on fertility.

Watch the full episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” where he talks about abnormal placentas on vaccinated mothers.

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