National Review journalist temporarily suspended by Twitter after asking if AOC put boyfriend on House payroll

It seems that fascism and censorship is becoming all the rage in what this writer now calls the “Silicon Valley Axis of Evil,” the tech cabal now working tirelessly to silence any voice that falls to the right of center.  On Friday, Twitchy and othersreported that the social media site suspended National Review contributor Luke Thompson for daring to observe that a boyfriend of newly-elected Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a email address.

He posted a screenshot of what he found and naturally figured he was on her staff, since he’s listed as being a staffer in the House of Representatives:

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He also posted some background articles about the relationship between Ocasio-Cortez and Roberts:

He further noted:

A bad look indeed.

Ocasio-Cortez responded:

Except that Roberts isn’t a spouse and, Thompson said, the House doesn’t use Google.  He then engaged in the doubleplus ungood thought crime of asking pertinent questions:

After being targeted by both AOC and her chief of staff, Thompson responded with this:

At some point, Twitter apparently decided that AOC is above scrutiny and locked Thompson’s account:

“Could it because Twitter’s only real concern is protecting the precious?” Twitchy asked.  Good question.  It certainly looks that way.

There is that…

We suspect both.

Not necessarily powerful, but perhaps far-left powerful figures.  Something tells us if AOC were a conservative Republican Twitter would not have had an issue with the inquiry at all

Hot Air’s Allahpundit wryly noted:

That explains it.

It seems that someone at Twitter had a change of heart, since the suspension of Thompson’s account was lifted.

Call this an exercise in liberal privilege…  No doubt we’ll see much more of this type of Orwellian “enforcement” from Axis powers like Twitter.

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line


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