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NBC News correspondent drops truth bomb on Biden regime about plot to take Crimea from Putin: It’s not gonna happen

NBC News correspondent drops truth bomb on Biden regime about plot to take Crimea from Putin: It’s not gonna happen

(Natural News) An NBC News correspondent has managed to do what no other mainstream outlet has managed: Report from inside Crimea, which has been held by Russian forces since the region was taken from Ukraine in 2014 on Barack Obama’s watch.

Recently the region became noteworthy again after the neocons running Joe Biden’s regime suggested that Ukraine could and should take it back from Russia. But according to NBC News chief international correspondent Keir Simmons, that is not gonna happen.

Reporting from Sevastapol this week during a live segment, Simmons acknowledged that the region is surrounded by a substantial Russian military presence, as it is the location of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet. He also admitted that it is not realistic for Zelensky and Ukrainian forces to expect to retake Crimea.

Simmons pointed out that the local population in Crimea identifies as Russian, which makes it even more challenging for Ukraine to regain control of the region. He also mentioned that his news crew had managed to get closer to the Russian Black Sea Fleet than any other US media outlet in many years. According to Simmons, Putin would be determined to defend the port and may resort to extreme measures to prevent it from being taken away from him.

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“Vladimir Putin will be determined to defend that port – to not have it take it away from him – he may well do pretty much anything to try to achieve that,” Simmons said.


“It is a very, very dangerous standoff.. it’s hard to see how you reach a negotiation over that. There’s military absolutely everywhere, it is a military town,” he continued before saying, “When for example [Biden State Dept. official] Victoria Nuland talks about that at the very least we [the US] want Crimea to be demilitarized, I find myself standing there and wondering, how on earth does that happen?”

Ukrainian officials and pro-Kyiv media pundits have expressed anger over the segment, as it repeatedly stated that Crimeans identify themselves as Russians. A separate article previously published on NBC’s website and filed from inside Crimea also acknowledged the strong identification of the Crimean population with Russia:

This is not Russia, according to Kyiv, its Western allies and the United Nations. It was annexed by the Kremlin in 2014, with the U.N. calling on Russia to return to its “internationally recognized borders.” And following Moscow’s broader invasion launched a year ago, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed Ukraine will take Crimea back.

But Praskovya Baranova, 73, speaks Russian, feels Russian and lives here.

However, it seems that the NBC journalist, after arriving at a location that very few Western reporters ever visit, couldn’t ignore the obvious truth that was evident all around him.

David Sacks remarked of the refreshingly truthful segment, “Not long ago, these were denounced as Putin talking points.” And, as noted by Zero Hedge, “Sacks also says regarding NBC clearly conceding that Zelensky’s goal of retaking Crimea remains unrealistic and dangerous.”

Things are definitely going to get out of hand in Ukraine very soon if the Biden regime isn’t made to pull back its support.

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