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Nevada poll workers tricked 60,000 mostly Trump voters into using provisional ballots that were never counted

Nevada poll workers tricked 60,000 mostly Trump voters into using provisional ballots that were never counted

(Natural News) According to the Google “2020 U.S. election results” module, Joe Biden is the projected winner of the state of Nevada with 36,186 votes in excess of President Trump, and with 95 percent of the state’s precincts reporting. Newly circulating reports, however, allege that as many as 60,000 Trump voters in Clark County alone were basically tricked by poll workers into invalidating their ballots, which means Trump is more than likely the rightful winner of Nevada.

What apparently happened is that tens of thousands of Trump voters hand-delivered their mail-in ballots, only to have poll workers convert them into provisional ballots. Provisional ballots, in case you are unfamiliar with them, require additional verification either with a matching signature on file or photo identification.

This conversion to provisional ballots would not have necessarily been a problem had all of the affected voters been told that they needed to provide the necessary verification before the 5 p.m. deadline on Nov. 6. None of them were told, though, so Nevada ultimately went to Biden.

A reflection of this chicanery was seen in Nevada’s delayed vote count, which dragged on for days and days as the state awaited provisional ballot verifications that ultimately never came. Consequently, Biden was declared the winner as all of these unverified provisional ballots were never verified.

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Keep in mind that in 2016, there were only 5,491 provisional ballots cast in Clark County, and of these 3,837 were tossed because those who cast them were unaware that they needed to be verified. This time around, that number ballooned to more than 60,000 unverified provisional ballots, raising more than a few eyebrows.

Put simply, tens of thousands of votes for Trump – votes that would have pushed him over the top as the victor of Nevada, it is important to stress – were tossed in the trash by corrupt poll workers who rigged the system in favor of Biden.

Joe Biden did NOT win Nevada

On Nov. 6, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria held a press conference at which he explained the situation with the provisional ballots, revealing what we can now clearly see was an act of fraud designed to disenfranchise Trump voters and ensure their voters were not counted.

Even as the left was busy chanting “count all votes,” Nevada was ensuring that as many Trump votes as possible were not counted, delivering the state to Biden on a silver platter.

Fox News reported that upwards of 120,000 votes still needed to be counted in Clark County at the end of last week, adding that these votes would need to be “cured” by Nov. 12.

Fox claimed in its coverage that election officials were moving very slowly to ensure that all ballots were counted, and that voters whose ballots had missing information or irregularities were notified in advance to avoid losing their votes. But is this really what happened?

The Trump campaign is certainly not convinced, as Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about this anomaly as well as about the many other disenfranchised Nevada voters who were barred from voting for Trump due to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Even more evidence of voter fraud has emerged in Nevada as it pertains to the roughly 6,000 votes that were illegally cast there by people who either moved out of state or who died prior to election day.

“They know most in-person voters were Trump voters,” wrote one commenter at about the provisional ballot scam in Clark County. “This is egregious.”

“Well, now I feel sick,” wrote another who actually worked at a polling station and did not know himself about the provisional ballot requirements. “This is precisely what they told us to do with people insisting on voting in person at the station I was assigned to.”

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