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New evidence emerges to show that climate change is a criminal science fraud ring run by corrupt pseudoscience puppets

New evidence emerges to show that climate change is a criminal science fraud ring run by corrupt pseudoscience puppets

(Natural News) For the pivotal role he played in spreading mass climate hysteria, Professor Michael E. Mann of Penn State University belongs in prison.

This is the opinion of Pat Boone, the legendary rock star descendant of pioneer Daniel Boone, who’s uncovered some pretty serious scientific fraud as it pertains to the official climate change narrative – a narrative that wouldn’t have been possible to construct were it not for Mann’s creation of the infamously fraudulent “hockey stick” data graph.

As we’ve been reporting, Mann now finds himself in some pretty hot water since it’s been revealed that his hockey stick is more of a hokey stick, as it holds absolutely no scientific weight.

The recent verdict in the case of Mann v. Ball proves that Mann pretty much contrived his hockey stick out of thin air. Though every mainstream media and mainstream science outlet on the planet accepted it as if it was gospel truth, the reality is that it’s patently false – and those paying attention are now fully aware of how Mann pulled a fast one on the world.

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Hilariously, Mann tried to sue actual climate scientist Dr. Tim Ball for libel after Ball called Mann out for this scam. But Mann’s case was ultimately dismissed after more than eight years of him refusing to present his datasets to the court, which we can only guess don’t actually exist since he refuses to comply.

Even so, Mann’s conclusion that man-made climate change is still somehow real has continued to persist, resulting in billions, if not trillions, of dollars being stolen from the hard-working people of this country who’ve been hoodwinked into supporting climate policies that were crafted around Mann’s lies.

Michael Mann’s climate lies have cost taxpayers trillions – will he ever see justice?

Thankfully, the whole thing is now being blown wide open, as it should be. But one wonders whether or not Mann will ever be held fully accountable for his crimes in the same way that Bernie Madoff was following the last major financial collapse.

Boone sure hopes so, which is why he’s been writing a multi-part series about Mann’s pseudoscientific nonsense, which was swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the climate-deranged masses without so much as a single question about its validity.

Even in response to a congressional inquiry, Mann refused to provide the test numbers,” Boone writes in the third of his multi-part series probing Mann’s longstanding claims about global warming.

“He did provide code, and that code revealed for certain that Mann calculated a verification r2 statistic check during the summer of 2005 … Likewise the National Academy of Sciences similarly asked Mann questions on whether he performed the verification r2 regression tests to verify whether his graph’s hockey stick shape was correct.”

It was at this precise moment, explains Boone, that Mann caught himself in a lie from which he couldn’t escape.

After Mann denied that he had calculated an r2 regression statistic, it was demonstrated that the source code he provided to the House Energy and Commerce Committee proved in and of itself that an r2 regression statistic had, in fact, been calculated – it simply didn’t reveal what Mann wanted it to reveal, which is why he kept it hidden all these years.

So while Madoff is now serving several lifetimes in prison for his crimes, Mann currently remains a free man – though many, including Boone, are now calling for him to be sent to the clink just like Madoff was.

“… this effort to stampede all of us into giving up our liberties to produce and create and go about our lives freely as we have become accustomed to do in modern society is a multitrillion dollar scam that we’ve been sold – on intentionally fraudulent data and pressure,” notes Boone about the consequences of Mann’s multi-decade lie.

“Might there be a vacancy next to Bernie Madoff?” Boone concludes.

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