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New Zealand High Court FORCES baby to receive tainted blood, forbidding unvaccinated blood donors

New Zealand High Court FORCES baby to receive tainted blood, forbidding unvaccinated blood donors

(Natural News) The vicious, ongoing medical tyranny in New Zealand has taken a new turn, with the New Zealand High Court conspiring with Auckland’s Starship Hospital to take custody of a baby and forcing the child to received tainted blood donations against the parents’ consent.

Auckland’s Starship Hospital and its pediatric cardiac surgeon refused to take unvaccinated blood from twenty donors who wanted to help the baby. The hospital administrators bullied the parents, mocking them as “conspiracy theorists” for wanting unvaccinated blood for their baby. One doctor threatened the family with attorneys and suggested the mom needed psychiatric help for refusing vaccinated blood from the blood bank.

New Zealand government seizes baby after parents arrange unvaccinated blood for their baby’s surgery

An infant boy named Will Savage-Reeves needed a heart surgery to repair a serious heart defect called pulmonary valve stenosis. When the parents (Sam and Cole) took their baby to have the surgery, they asked the hospital to use blood not tainted with covid-19 mRNA and artificial spike proteins. The parents are fully aware that vaccinated blood is toxic and may cause fatal blood clots and inflammation of distal organs. Blood that has been destroyed by the covid-19 mRNA may cause immunodeficiency, setting up their baby for more frequent and more severe illness in the future.

“We don’t want blood that is tainted by vaccination,” the father said. “We’re fine with anything else these doctors want to do.”

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The parents had already arranged for several unvaccinated blood donors to show up and provide their baby with untainted blood of the same blood type. Directed donations are customary in New Zealand. These occur when one individual identifies another individual who will donate to provide blood components for either themselves or a family member.

However, hospital administrators refused the family’s directed blood donations, denying the parents a timely surgery and demanding that their child receive tainted blood. The New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) called the parent’s wishes “impractical” even though the parents had already lined up twenty unvaccinated donors. The hospital refused the surgery for days and appealed to the New Zealand High Court to seize the child and force the parents to accept the tainted blood for their baby.

“We can’t take a risk with a boy who already has a heart condition,” the child’s mother explained.

Protestors rally to support the parents, who only want what’s best for their child

Around one hundred people protested outside the High Court to support the parents. A family friend, Sarah McNaulty, was appalled that the hospital was bullying her friends, especially since “there’s so many people lined up to give their blood freely.” McNaulty said this issue is about freedom of choice and the parent’s wishes should be respected.

Instead, hospital administrators are mocking the family as “conspiracy theorists” for simply wanting what’s best for their child. “That is where tyranny starts,” said McNaulty. “When the state provides us with not being able to give blood freely to a patient that needs it.”

New Zealand’s High Court didn’t waste any time. Justice Ian Gault made the final ruling, seizing the infant from the parents and ordering the infant to remain under the court’s guardianship until the baby had recovered from the surgery. The corporate media has continued to mock the parents, accusing them of being “antivaxxers” who base their decisions on “vaccine misinformation.”

Toxic, vaccinated blood is not “vaccine misinformation.” The NZBS does place restrictions on blood donations from people recently vaccinated with covid-19 mRNA. In some cases, a 28-day stand down period is automatically applied to blood donors who are recently vaccinated. Potential donors who experience rash, headache, muscle fatigue, and fever after vaccination are told to stand down until they are healthy again.

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