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No Shots Fired – The Missing Statistic in Defensive Gun Use

No Shots Fired – The Missing Statistic in Defensive Gun Use

When was the last time you heard on the news about someone using a gun to save their life, the life of others, or property… without firing a shot? Exactly. And that’s a problem.

Leftists have it easy when it comes to gun control arguments. Their statistics are clearly laid out. Someone shoots a gun and someone dies, or is injured and goes to the hospital. And the left gets another statistic, with clear, typically well-defined records.

This is enhanced with tons of Lamestream Media coverage, often for weeks at a time. Four people die, and we hear the same talking heads repeating the story, repeatedly for nearly a month!

Of course, these stories only hit the media when it supports the very obvious agenda, to disarm the populace and take legitimately purchased firearms away from law abiding citizens, making them more susceptible to crime.

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There is never a “plan” to disarm the criminals. Because, well… they are criminals. Criminals by definition do not follow laws. Criminals are NOT going to give up their guns.

The leftists will not mention that their gun confiscations will only affect those that are NOT going to use their firearms to go on shooting sprees. Law abiding citizens.

Shooting spree was the actual term commonly used before the Gun Violence Archive started in 2013 and decided they needed a scary new phrase for the media to latch onto. In order to justify their existence, they convinced the national media to use “Mass shooting” in their reportings, so they could show a “Rise in Mass Shootings.” Of course, there is a RISE in mass shootings… because if you look in the newspaper archives, the term DID NOT EXIST BEFORE 2013!

Lazy news readers that the left are, only read headlines… so a month’s worth of ONE incidence of gun violence using the term MASS SHOOTER, repeated by EVERY national news agency, EVERY day, over and over, will convince the Lazy, Looney Left, that gun violence is a non-stop occurrence.


The sane people on the right, the conservatives, patriots of our fine country, do not have it so easy.

While we KNOW that guns are used for pretty much almost everything EXCEPT shooting sprees and murders, there is NO NEWS THAT SUPPORTS THAT FACT.

When was the last time, that you saw a national news agency, reporting on a father and son going on a hunt and coming back with dinner? Or a family heading out to the shooting range to keep up on their shooting skills?

Or most importantly… when was the last time, that you saw the major news organizations, talking for weeks on end, every single day, about a person using a gun to DEFEND THEMSELVES AND OTHERS, and not one damn shot was fired???


ONE… just ONE news site, is all that I can find THIS story on. A single, local news affiliate did not even devote 300 words to a defensive gun use story that ended with no shots fired, and the perp arrested.

“Man held at gunpoint after attempt to rob disabled volunteer” their headline reads.

According to, a wheelchair bound woman was collecting donations for the Children’s Miracle Network inside the Love’s Travel Stop on Central Freeway, when 26-year-old Angel Christopher Solorzano approached her.

Solorzano used a typical distraction scheme, and asked her a question. Criminals use this technique to mentally disarm their victims. He asked her for information about where he might be able to purchase a bus ticket to Fort Worth.

While the victim was distracted, Solorzano reached down and grabbed the donation bucket from her lap. The victim not only was in a wheelchair but she also does not have full use of her arms. She could not defend herself. Solorzano then attempts to flee with the donations.

A witness went after Solorzano, chased him around the store, and then outside onto the nearby access road. Stopping, once they were outside, the witness confronted Solorzano ordering him to return the money.

Solorzano became combative and threw a backpack at the witness following up with a punch to the face, with his fist. At this point, Solorzano took it up a notch and revealed a knife, telling the witness to, “back up.”

Solorzano then began running down the access road where he was confronted by a different pair of witnesses. One of these witnesses, a true Texan, had their firearm on them, drew it, and held Solorzano at gunpoint until police responded.


What would Solorzano have gained from all of this criminal activity? Barely sixty bucks in bills now crumpled up from the melee.

He was taken into custody, booked in at the Wichita County Jail, and charged with a single count of Aggravated Robbery. No word if the first witness will be pressing assault and battery charges.

Solorzano was still in the Wichita County Jail on a $50,000 bond as of Friday, September 20, 2019.


Outside of Wichita Falls, Texas, not one damn Leftist knows about this statistic. When Democrats compile their gun crimes statistics, this crime will be nowhere to be seen. It will not ever be talked about again, except by maybe 6 people, including the crook.

When someone asks a Leftie, “Do you know how often guns are used to prevent crime?” They will stare blankly at the questioner, as if… “What do you mean, PREVENT CRIME?”… “Guns are only ever used TO COMMIT CRIME!”

And let’s not forget — as a reader in the comments section pointed out — IF the gun would have been fired, successfully eliminating a “bad guy”… that’s just another “gun homicide” to the gun grabbers. The pro-gun crowd cannot win.

Obviously, the blame cannot be put on Leftists for their conspicuous and willful ignorance. It is up to patriots such as us, to report these DGUs (Defensive Gun Usages). And to tell everyone else about them. Including the Leftists.

The best method of disseminating this information would be if some rich Conservative, created an official organization and website, like the Gun Violence Archive and instead of stoking fear in the people, that “EVERY SINGLE GUN OUT THERE IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!” Instead, highlight these crimes, halted by DGU.

I say rich, because it will require a taskforce of like-minded patriots, to scour police blotters, across the country, reading the police reports, in-depth, looking for the keywords signaling the use of a gun to prevent crime. Fortunately, any time a firearm is produced during a crime, by either the perp, victim, or responding citizen, it is required to be noted in the police report.

Right now there is a loose statistic of somewhere between 2 million and 3 million crimes that are stopped by DGU each year. This is based on an old study, almost a decade old. As you can see from the particular incident above, it is hard to pin down the exact number, without a central reporting agency.

It is literally not to anyone’s benefit, except patriotic gun owners, to report these DGUs. Police do not want the public to think that an armed populace keeps crime down. How can you ask for more and more money each year in your budget, if the solution was simply to allow everyone (that is mentally suitable) to carry a firearm?

At least half (or more) of the citizens of the United States have no interest in supporting a statistic that having your citizens armed, prevents crime. They are kept in constant fear by the Lamestream Media and the lying Democrats. They fear guns.

The Lamestream Media has no interest in supporting these statistics… OBVIOUSLY.

That means, that only around 30-40% of the nation has a vested interest in getting these statistics out there.

Our founder Dean, just put up another Good Guy with a Gun article, and dang it… if it’s not the same lack of reporting, for the same type of Defensive Gun Use.

I counted only THREE local affiliates that carried the story, not a single national news agency reported it. “It doesn’t fit the narrative” that these Leftie Brainwashing Organizations need to keep their viewers terrified of guns.

I will let you read his full article here, but essentially, a homeowner in North Carolina returned home to find Brandon Taylor Knight, 26, going through his possessions. ARMED WITH A GUN,… the homeowner held the home invader at gunpoint until deputies arrived.


Knight, was arrested around 4:50 p.m. Monday on two counts of felony breaking and entering and two counts of felony larceny, according to the release.

Not only that… the homeowner, STOPPED A BURGLARY SPREE! This was not the first house that Knight had hit!

And you didn’t know that, unless you live in Iredell County and happened to have read the news article on one of the local affiliates that reported it.

That is TWO DGUs, within 10 days, which you only know about because Dean and I took time to write about them. Mainstream news? Crickets.

A YouTube channel I love watching, shout out to ASP, Active Self Protection, keep doing what you are doing. Educating the people on DGU and how to stay aware.

ASP shared a video a couple weeks ago, from a year ago. September 22, 2018. And I cannot find a news article ANYWHERE that describes this crime. It is as if it does not exist. (It definitely doesn’t exist to the Leftist fear mongers.)

If there was not an actual video of the incident, we wouldn’t even know it happened. A Metro PCS employee, fends off a machete wielding attacker, with his CCW, Concealed Carry Weapon. Holding the would-be robber at gunpoint until police arrive, cuff him, and stuff him.


THREE DGUs you probably did not hear about. Not a single gun fired. It is obvious how that 2 to 3 million DGU statistic can exist, without anyone knowing.

If Democrats were to take power in 2020… their plan is to disarm the nation! Why in the hell do the Democrats want criminals to rule our country?? Like-supporting-like probably.

It is well known by Conservatives everywhere, the only way Leftists, Democrats, can rule, is through fear. Listen to all of their policies… they are ALL based in fear. Moreover, it is a fact… that if you can protect yourself, and do not have to depend on Daddy Big Government to feed you, and give you money, and provide protection, you will not be fearful every minute of every day. Then you cannot be controlled.

Democrats are not your friends. They are your enemies. Convert as many Leftists as you can to Conservatism. Show them the light. And the ones that steadfastly refuse to see the light, to see that they are being lied to, and kept in submission by fear, by the former and current slave-holders, treat them with caution.

Because nothing is more dangerous than a fearful animal, or Human.

Stay frosty patriots!

Here are a “few” more reasons to oppose gun control:

About the Author:

DarkStar (obvious pseudonym) has been an active humanitarian for the past decade, running a charity dedicated to helping the mentally challenged overcome life obstacles.

DarkStar left the corporate digital world working for Google and Chicago Tribune to seek more philanthropic pursuits, after becoming tired of helping the “elites” become richer while people were suffering.

With a degree in Computer Engineering and a background in Physics, DarkStar created and patented an Artificial Intelligence to take the place of mental health professionals and services, to help the mentally ill navigate their daily life.

An avid inventor, DarkStar hopes someday to connect with a similarly minded Angel Investor to create a company that can expand to help many more people around the world.

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