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No, The Government Does Not Have Rights – Yes, They Are Acting As Nazis

No, The Government Does Not Have Rights – Yes, They Are Acting As Nazis

From the lies of the Center for Disease Control to the tyrannical words and actions of the illegitimate Biden administration, there is one thing on their agenda and that is propagandizing the people with fear in order to get them to introduce a deadly poison into their bodies. Yet, they fail to put front and center the number of Americans who have died following taking Big Pharma’s gene-altering therapy nor do they notify you of the hundreds of thousands who have been injured in the US by this same injection. They deceive in order to turn those who did take the shot to be against those who didn’t, just like the Nazis in Germany. And just like the Nazis, they are now talking about internment camps, which they refer to as “green zones.” We’ll look at the CDC’s own website in this episode to see how they are planning a criminal attack on the citizens of the US, and our duty before god is not only to resist them, but to bring them to justice.

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