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NOAA Peddles Snake Oil to School Children

NOAA Peddles Snake Oil to School Children

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants to turn your kids into well-indoctrinated enviro-goofballs, and they are using your tax dollars to do it! Just trot on over to their main page at NOAA.GOV, scroll down the left side of the page, and see for yourself: (Teachers get ready for the new school year with NOAA). By luring educators into their web of misinformation with “ready-made” teaching materials, they have pretty much assured a wide distribution of fake science amongst the national student population.

NOAA’s offerings include lots of scary graphs and videos, one being: Drought Data and Projections; this gem depicts the United States being virtually engulfed by drought by the year 2095. You can even go to your particular zip code and frighten yourself with temperature projections into the next century. I’m not sure why they bothered to go that far forward after Congresswoman Melonhead informed the world that it will all be over by 2030.

Let’s take a look at real scientific malfeasance. The above chart’s red line pretends to predict extremely high future temperatures for my zip code in Texas if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions. Note the large gray area to the left covering the years 1950-2007. At first glance, you would think that a warming period began in the 1970s and accelerated into the new millennium. The blue line predicts how wonderful it could be if all of God’s children started eating lentil burgers to reduce cow farts. The green line (mine) shows the real temperature history, and a reasonable prediction for the future with nothing changed…no job-killing carbon taxes or crazy EPA regulations.

My green line is based on NOAA’s own published data for my zip code (mysteriously missing data for years after 2013). Here are the average high temps for each decade:

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1950s: 77.2

1960s: 74.5

1970s: 74.5

1980s: 74.7

1990s: 74.5

2000s: 74.7

Hmmm…looks a lot like a DECLINE from the 1950s. As you can see, temperatures have actually been pretty stable since the 1960s. NOAA’s scary red line projecting a huge blistering future is totally bogus.

Unfortunately, NOAA’s misleading chart is all your kids and their teacher will ever see! Truth be damned. Drop by the NOAA site and take a look, but make sure and warn your kids to sit under their school desks when studying this material.

It worked for us during the Atomic Bomb scare in the ’60s!

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