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Non-stop tyranny: Official who helped IRS target conservative groups in 2012 to head up office for army of new agents

Non-stop tyranny: Official who helped IRS target conservative groups in 2012 to head up office for army of new agents

(Natural News) The Biden regime and the deep state running it are hateful, vindictive people who are enjoy presiding over the destruction of our republic.

You may recall in the lead-up to Barack Obama’s 2021 reelection, polling indicated that he was vulnerable to becoming a one-term president because his far-left policies were not overwhelmingly popular with most Americans. There were some surveys that even had him behind lukewarm ‘conservative’ and GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

But hell-bent on bending the rules, Obama’s bureaucracy went to work bolstering his chances, which included the weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service. In particular, one career bureaucrat, Lois Lerner, led an effort to deny conservative political action groups tax-free accreditation so they could campaign on behalf of Romney and other Republicans. Some say the inability for these groups to come online well before the election made a difference in Obama winning a second term.

Natural News reported in 2015:

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A Washington, D.C.-based legal watchdog organization has obtained official documents from the Internal Revenue Service it says provides confirmation that the federal tax agency utilized donor lists to tax-exempt groups so it could target them for audits.

Officials at Judicial Watch said the documents obtained from the IRS show how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce may come under “high scrutiny” from the agency, according to a press release on the group’s website.

The IRS records, which were produced via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking any documentation related to the selection of individuals or groups based on application information and donor lists, were sought by JW in its pursuit of information related to allegations prior to the 2012 elections that the administration used the IRS to target mostly conservative, Tea Party-affiliated organizations.

Then-IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said at the time that the IRS would be increasing its scrutiny on groups requesting tax exempt status, but of course, what he did not say was that the bulk of that new scrutiny would be applied to Republican-aligned organizations.

Among those targeted included:

— Hundreds of bona fide conservative groups

— Constitutional organizations

— Several pro-Israel groups

— A 180-year-old Baptist media outlet

— Conservative activists and their businesses

— A Texas-based voting rights organization

— At least 10 percent of donors to the then-fledgling Tea Party movement

Republicans controlled the House and after they caught on to the undue and unprecedented scrutiny, they began to hold hearings demanding documents and other information. Naturally, since Obama controlled the Executive Branch, all Republicans got was stalling, excuses and incomplete info requests. Nothing much really happened to those involved.

Nikole Flax was the chief of staff to then-IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who wound up being fired for the targeting scandal. The IRS claimed that it lost all of Flax’s emails that had been requested by House Republicans, though clearly, the deep state regime was lying.

And stalling, apparently, because last week, our dementia president’s administration appointed Flax to head the “Centralized Office” of the IRS being set up to hire an army of 87,000 new IRS agents and staff, all of whom will be turned loose on average Americans, not massively wealthy Americans who cut large checks to political action groups that fund candidates.

“Did you know? Nikole Flax was just named to lead IRS ‘Centralized Office’ for new 87,000 agents Flax was previously Chief of Staff to the IRS chief Her hard drive ‘crashed’ during the 2014 investigation of IRS targeting conservative groups, no backup existed, emails lost,” documentary film producer Gabe Hoffman tweeted.

The deep state corruption is now so blatantly out in the open because they don’t believe Americans will ever hold them accountable. That’s likely a miscalculation on their part.

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