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Nursing homes experiencing large disease “outbreaks” due to covid vaccination

Nursing homes experiencing large disease “outbreaks” due to covid vaccination

(Natural News) Residents of nursing homes where Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” have been widely administered are suddenly coming down in droves with Chinese Virus infection, which the mainstream media is already referring to using the word “outbreak.”

Even though every resident and worker, in many cases, had already gotten jabbed, new “cases” of the Wuhan Flu are reportedly emerging like wildfire all across the country. This has caused many Branch Covidians who believed the injections would save us all from the scourge of Chinese Germs to scratch their heads in confusion.

If the government is to be believed, then getting injected with a Wuhan Flu shot should have “cured” everyone already and brought about the “new normal.” Instead, there is now more disease than ever before in many elderly care facilities where Chinese Virus needles have already been plunged into every arm.

The mainstream media, of course, is already trying to blame the “unvaccinated” for these outbreaks, even though every individual coming down with and spreading Chinese Disease was already vaccinated. This must be the bizarre “new logic” that goes along with the “new normal.”

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According to the official numbers, 472 nursing home deaths that occurred during the first two weeks of May are being attributed to “covid.” This is down from 10,675 “covid” deaths in the same population during the first two weeks of January.

The medical establishment is struggling to come up with some kind of narrative for this “anomaly,” refusing to acknowledge the fact that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines – and more specifically, the spike proteins they contain – are what is spreading this new wave of Chinese Disease.

CDC blames unvaccinated for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths

As expected, the government is trying to make the case that unvaccinated people are somehow responsible for all the sickness and death spreading among the vaccinated. Ironically, this claim, if true, only proves that covid vaccines do not work as claimed.

If they did, then vaccinated people would not be contracting the Chinese Virus from the unvaccinated because they would already be immune to it. And we also wonder: Why are unvaccinated people not also getting sick?

The Associated Press (AP) cites a claim from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that suggests unvaccinated visitors to nursing homes are spreading illness to vaccinated workers and elderly residents. How does this even make sense?

Would not these unvaccinated visitors also be sick? And why are only vaccinated people getting sick with the Chinese Virus? These and other questions are never even addressed by the fake news media, let alone answered.

Anyway, you can expect to see increasingly more articles from the lying media claiming that unvaccinated people are magically spreading disease to the vaccinated. Those running this whole scheme apparently think the vaccinated masses have been dumb-down enough to believe such pseudoscientific tripe.

Also notice that they always use the elderly, the young and other vulnerable groups as the emotional, heart-tugging bait to push the next stage of medical fascism. In this case, they want us all to feel sorry for the old people dying from “covid” that we all rush out to get injected again, and again, and again until the media tells us that “herd immunity” has been reached.

“You’d be better off signing up for sitting on death row rather than take the jab,” a commenter at Natural News wrote. “You would grow to a ripe old age going thru all the appeals, in comparison to this speedy death sentence.”

Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections are unsafe, ineffective and are spreading more disease. To keep up with the latest, check out

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