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“Obamagate” film destroys Russian collusion conspiracy theory

“Obamagate” film destroys Russian collusion conspiracy theory

(Natural News) To help combat all the lies and misinformation constantly coming from the left, filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinny, known for their film Gosnell, have released a new feature called Obamagate that tears to shreds the Russian collusion conspiracy theory still being propagated by Democrats.

Available to watch for FREE at – you can also watch it below – Obamagate is a word-for-word retelling of what is contained in the many texts, emails, memos and witness transcripts collected as part of the Trump-Russia investigations.

Superman actor Dean Cain plays the role of Peter Strzok in the film, while Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Kristy Swanson plays the role of Carter Page. Jeff Colby of Dynasty reenacts the role of shamed former FBI director James Comey, and Paul Michael Niema is seen as John Brennan.

“James Clapper, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch are briefly portrayed, showing the sharp contrast between their public claims of ‘collusion’ with statements made under oath,” writes Art Moore for WND.

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Strzok-Page texts prove conspiracy to destroy Trump candidacy, presidency

Because Comey’s A Higher Loyalty memoir is basically a fiction novel full of historical revisionism, as is the Showtime miniseries, “The Comey Rule,” Obamagate aims to set the record straight by retelling exactly what happened in the words of the involved in the scandal.

“Teaming with the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, the ‘Hamilton’-style 70-minute film derives its script word-for-word from the wealth of texts, emails, memos and witness transcripts collected in the many Trump-Russia investigations,” Moore notes.

McAleer, speaking to WND last month in an interview, revealed that his goal with Obamagate is to dispel the myth that the infamous Strzok-Page texts are merely “anti-Trump.”

“The texts show them conspiring and plotting to destroy the Trump candidacy and presidency,” McAleer says. “That’s a fact.”

Thanking the media for not doing its job because “we would be unemployed,” he further stated jokingly, McAleer says Obamagate reveals truths that cannot be found anywhere else because they come straight from the source.

“They’re not reporting spin anymore; they’re straight out publishing falsehoods and lies, and things that are not true,” McAleer says about the corporate media.

The “beauty” of Obamagate‘s verbatim theater, he added, “is that we are showing you the facts and give, often, eyewitness accounts.”

“The Comey Rule” is “misleading,” McAleer says

As for The Comey Rule, none of it is real, McAleer contends. It is just more leftist fan-fiction that ignores the deeply rooted conspiracies that were hatched by Democrats to try to prevent Trump from winning the White House.

“It doesn’t tell the truth about the Russia investigation, or even the Hillary Clinton investigation,” he says, noting that Obamagate stands to “destroy” all of the falsehoods.

Prior to making documentary films, McAleer was a foreign correspondent for both the Financial Times and The Economist in Eastern Europe. He also covered Ireland for the Sunday Times of London, having begun his career covering Northern Ireland for The Irish News in Belfast.

Other films put out by McAleer include FrackNation, Not Evil Just Wrong, Mind Your Own Business, The Search for Tristan’s Mum, and Return to Sender.

McAleer has also personally spoken to Trump, who approved of Obamagate‘s premise and thought it was a great idea in the interest of telling the story of what really transpired concerning the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

“If journalism is the first draft of history, then I’m happy enough to play that part,” McAleer told WND about how his film helps to balance the lies told in “The Comey Rule.”

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