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Obamas, Clintons and communist China all linked to SolarWinds

Obamas, Clintons and communist China all linked to SolarWinds

(Natural News) News about the SolarWinds Orion hack is generating a lot of questions about what this company is and who is behind it. What we know so far is that its corporate ties include gems like communist China, the Clintons and the Obamas.

In 2016, according to the company’s 10K on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, SolarWinds was acquired by investment firms Silver Lake Partners and Thoma Bravo. Two years later, the company went public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Later that year, SolarWinds’ IPO was completed, and 25 million shares of the company’s common stock were sold at an issue price of $15 per share. During this process, the company raised $375 million in gross proceeds, and approximately $353 million in net proceeds.

Before SolarWinds went public, however, and before it was purchased by Thoma Bravo and Silver Lake, it was founded by a Puerto Rican billionaire by the name of Orlando Bravo who contributed $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the presidency.

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Bravo also made two contributions of $125,000 each to the far-left Democrat PAC “Vote for Vets.”

In 2009, Thoma Bravo purchased a company called Entrust that appears to have been sold to the Datacard group in 2013. Entrust, it turns out, works alongside a company called DigitCert to verify elections for a least half of the states in our country.

“Entrust is also closely related to a firm by the name of ‘Live Ramp’ which is located in Shanghai,” notes Joe Hoft, writing for The Gateway Pundit. “In summary, Thoma Bravo is one of the owners of SolarWinds and it also is connected to the firms that validate elections for at least half the states in the U.S.”

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Why do the Clintons and the Obamas always seem to be connected to criminal activity?

As for Silver Lake, co-founder Glenn Hutchins is on the board of AT&T. He is also a former advisor to Bill Clinton and currently sits on the board of the Obama Foundation.

“Nothing to see here,” tweeted Dr. Carroll Quigley, adding that Hutchins is associated with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Brookings, the Hamilton Project, and other questionable organizations. Hutchins is also a friend of both the Clintons and the Obamas.

Dr. Quigley wrote in another tweet that after Hutchins left Silver Lake in 2018, he assigned the company a new class of managing partners. One of them is Hong Kong-based billionaire Kenneth Hao, who also just so happens to sit on the board of SolarWinds.

In other words, a revolving door of Democrat politicians and their corporate allies is feeding in and out of key companies and other organizations that are all, in some way, associated with running elections in our nation.

This is a major cause for concern, and something that deserves its day in court, though the Supreme Court appears reluctant to even entertain that idea. Consequently, it is up to us to get the word out and raise enough of a stink to hopefully, eventually make some headway in pursuing justice.

Keep in mind that for years, Clinton collusion with communist China was a joking matter on many of the late-night comedy shows. Now, America is paying the price for Clinton corruption in a way that most Americans probably never thought was possible.

“The owners of SolarWinds are closely related to Obama and the Clintons,” Hoft concludes. “They are also heavily involved in the election business and have relations with companies and individuals in China and Hong Kong.”

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