Ocasio-Cortez tweets support for pot, reparations, free stuff

It’s no secret that newly-elected Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about as radical as a leftist can get.  On Tuesday, she tweeted support for a laundry list of radical ideas, which included reparations, legalized marijuana and student loan cancellation.

She also tweeted support for her so-called “Green New Deal,” a proposal to destroy the U.S. economy for an entire generation of Americans.

“A few social media ideas for public servants looking to build an audience: – Endorse Single-Payer Medicare for All – Hold Wall Street Accountable – Make Min Wage = Living Wage – Cancel Puerto Rican Debt – End For-Profit Prisons & ICE Detention – Fight for a ,” she said on Twitter.

She followed that up with this:  “A few more ways to gain traction: – Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee – Bailout Student Debt – Legalize Marijuana & Explore Reparations, Baby Bonds…”

The response on Twitter was pretty much what you’d expect.  There was a lot of support, but a number of Twitter users took Ocasio-Cortez to task for her irresponsible pie-in-the-sky suggestions.


Sorry. No data so far.


Please don’t give her any more ideas…

Free Tesla automobiles?  Hmmm…

One person observed:


One person summarized her tweets perfectly:


“Free stuff and pot.”  That pretty much sums it all up.  Of course, it’s all on the backs of taxpayers…  But that really doesn’t matter to socialists like Ocasio-Cortez or her followers.

One person added:

Sadly, it’s not.  Although we sometimes wish it were.


Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line

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