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Open Letter To New York Governor Cuomo & Other State Legislators On The Murder Of Americans

Open Letter To New York Governor Cuomo & Other State Legislators On The Murder Of Americans

Dear Gov. Andrew Cuomo, members of the legislature of the State of New York, and all other State legislative members;

The passage of New York’s law involving the murder of babies up through delivery disgusts and horrifies those of us who value human life. Since it is obvious there is nary a Christian or Christ follower among those of you who voted for this, arguing from the standpoint that God forbids murder regardless of age is moot. Therefore, the question to each and every one of you is this: What gives you the moral superiority to determine that human life has no intrinsic value?

The intrinsic value of human life is not based upon age, circumstance or happenstance. Either human life has intrinsic value or it does not. Arguing from a standpoint that human life has intrinsic value, who gave you the moral superiority to decide that someone, based on circumstance or convenience, is justified in declaring a human life of no value? Individuals with severe physical disabilities, mental challenges, and congenital defects have intrinsic value – all life does.

As you rally in support of gun confiscation so “not one more child” dies as a result of mass school shootings, you deny the basic right of life to the most innocent among us, a child – a baby, by allowing a woman, who was given life, in conjunction with a physician, who was also given life and took an oath to preserve life where possible, to essentially commit murder upon that woman’s child up through delivery. What gives you the moral superiority to determine that someone who is already born has more intrinsic value than the unborn? What gives you the authority to determine a pregnant woman has the moral superiority to decide to kill her unborn child in a murder for hire scenario?

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While you lament the lack of American workers to fill jobs, thereby propping up the argument for support of illegal alien invaders and open borders, you supported the murder of over 50 million Americans through baby murder for hire scenarios since Roe v. Wade. As you call the separation of illegal alien invader children from their criminal illegal alien invader parents “inhumane”, you have assumed a moral superiority to determine the intrinsic value of human life based on some unknown criteria that probably would not stand intense scrutiny. What gives you the moral superiority to determine that someone’s life who has already been born more valuable than an unborn life? Had human life been determined to have intrinsic value and the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision not been unconstitutionally and illegally adopted as the law of the land, this country would have 50 million additional American citizens to fill those empty jobs or procreating numbers to fill those empty jobs.

Another question you all should answer is “what criteria are you using to determine when human life has intrinsic value?” As an FYI, there is no criteria you can name to determine when human life has intrinsic value other than at conception.

With the advances in medical science today, there are very rare instances in which the life of the mother would be in jeopardy that would warrant such an extreme stance as to allow the murder of a baby up through delivery. In case you were wondering, life saving procedures have been performed upon babies in the womb and pregnant women are able to receive treatment for life-threatening illnesses and diseases without harm to the unborn baby. Again, who are you to assume the moral superiority to determine the value of human life?

If the most innocent among Americans, unborn babies, have no value as human beings, what does that say about the physically infirmed, the mentally challenged, those suffering brain injury or physical injury, the elderly or those you determine to have little value to society – examples being the persecution of Christians for practicing their beliefs while owning a business, those with opposing political opinions, those whose lifestyle you deplore, or even race? At what point do people holding similar views as yourself advance those views to turn the united States into a 21st century Hitler Nazi regime?

What if the immoral, anti-constitutional, population got together and voted that your lives have no intrinsic value because you do not indulge their every whim and murder committed upon you was acceptable? Think that would never happen? It has happened before though not here. Would you change your mind then if it were your life at stake? Ten dollars to a dime you would rethink your position. While you can speak for yourself to defend your life and call upon government troops and law enforcement to protect your life, who speaks for the unborn and stands in defense of their right to life?

You see, murderers and criminals care not about human life or its value, not even their own. If they did, there would be no murderers. By the same logic, you who advocate for the murder of innocent babies care not about babies, children, adults or life in general unless that life serves your political agenda or is your own. This is one of the gravest of human depravities there can be. Unfortunately, it is you charlatan politicians who suffer this unconscionable human depravity.

You should be pitied and shown some mercy; however, Satan and his minions show none to others, therefore, deserve none. Hypocrites and deplorable human beings all of you! May God show you the mercy you deny others.

Remember, just because a law is passed making something legal that is illegal and immoral, it does not mean it becomes moral, legal or should be socially acceptable. It remains illegal, socially unacceptable, and immoral. If murder of the unborn up through delivery is acceptable, why is murder of individuals already born illegal, unacceptable and immoral? Can any of you answer that? Why have laws against murder if murder of the unborn up through delivery by a murder for hire scenario is now legal? While the woman decides she wants to murder her unborn baby, it is actually the physician that commits the crime.

For all you physicians who support a woman’s choice to murder her baby, it is you who pull the trigger, snuffing out a valuable human life. You have a choice as well. It’s too bad you are making the wrong one and are incapable of healing yourself. And, don’t hide behind the excuse of women suffering harm trying to murder their babies through grotesque home methods because there are plenty of choices available to women to prevent pregnancy and the choice of adoption after pregnancy. Surely, society has changed enough to accept babies born out of wedlock to be placed for adoption, preserving human life instead of destroying it. But, the depraved portion of society that accepts parents engaging in child abuse by pimping out their children as “transgender” to an adult population and physicians supporting a mental illness as normal could never bring themselves to engage in sane thinking.

In conclusion, a human baby is not an inconvenience or a burden to bear because human life has intrinsic value and there is no justification for killing another, except in self defense. Women have many choices available to them to prevent pregnancy – the best method being abstinence – and adoption being a better choice than murder should a woman find herself pregnant. Maybe if society taught their sons and daughters good moral principles and values the issue of legalized murder would never have surfaced.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

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