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Oregon punishing COVID-19 victims for being white, offering economic relief funds only to black-owned businesses in violation of 14th Amendment

Oregon punishing COVID-19 victims for being white, offering economic relief funds only to black-owned businesses in violation of 14th Amendment

(Natural News) The state of Oregon set up a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) relief fund called “Oregon Cares” that contains a $62 million taxpayer-funded war chest for businesses struggling due to the “pandemic.” The only catch is that in order to qualify, an Oregon business owner has to have black skin.

Because Maria Garcia, owner of the Portland-based Revolucion Coffee House, has brown skin, she was denied relief, prompting her to file a lawsuit against the state for discrimination. That lawsuit has since gained national attention due to the fact that it exposes the state of Oregon for committing anti-white racism.

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution provisions that states must provide equal protection to their citizens, meaning taxpayer funding cannot be preferentially disbursed based on the shade of one’s skin color. This means that the state of Oregon is in clear violation of the law.

Named in the case is Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who signed the relief program into law after it was put together by the state legislature. Oregon Cares is specifically delineated as “a Fund for Black people, Black-owned business, and Black community based organizations,” meaning those with white skin need not apply.

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Brown says blacks deserve exclusive funding because of historical “racism”

For daring to challenge the racist fund, Garcia has become a target of far-left Portlanders, many of whom are white themselves. These Antifa sympathizers insist that Garcia’s Mexican coffee house is “racist” for calling foul on the discriminatory program.

A logging company known as Great Northern Resources has likewise been accused of “racism” for calling out and suing the state for refusing to provide relief funding to anyone other than blacks.

In response, Brown challenged that black people deserve economic relief payments that are offered to nobody else but them because of “400 years of racial violence and strategic divestment from the black community,” which she insists was “deepened here in Oregon through intentional policy and practice.”

In the end, Oregon will likely be told by the courts that offering COVID-19 relief money only to blacks is unconstitutional. The state will then be required to rectify its “mistake” and make things right for people like Garcia and companies like Great Northern Resources.

“Oregon may be forced to significantly alter its black-only coronavirus relief fund in response to the lawsuits, as its unconstitutionality seems relatively obvious,” reports Big League Politics.

“Oregon’s Legislative Counsel has warned administrators of the state’s coronavirus relief board that the structuring of the Cares Fund violates the 14th Amendment, and it’s unlikely to stand up to scrutiny in federal court.”

There are sure to be those crazy leftists who try to claim that racism against white people is an impossibility. But this is entirely nonsensical, as are most ideas that come out of the mouths of libtards.

“The left is not about any particular principle, but instead about a direction,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter about the kind of nonsense that liberals try to pass as “progress.”

“Expect more and more of this craziness as they try to outdo themselves in their heads-down sprint to the left … within a few years, Oregonians will look back at this program in disgust because it did not prioritize disabled, trans black women above other blacks.”

Another chimed in about Brown’s abusive behavior throughout the COVID-19 crisis, including her teardown of Oregon’s economy. What started out as two weeks to “flatten the curve” is now going on more than nine months of economic and social terrorism.

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