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PEAK STUPID? “Woke” CNN now argues there’s no way to determine a baby’s sex at birth

PEAK STUPID? “Woke” CNN now argues there’s no way to determine a baby’s sex at birth

(Natural News) Fake news giant CNN is lashing out against South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem for her signing of two executive orders that aim to fight back against the relentless onslaught of transgenderism.

According to CNN, it is “transphobic” to do anything other than “affirm” gender dysphoria as “normal,” whether that means allowing boys in girls’ locker rooms or feeding into the delusion that a man in drag is a “woman” just because he says he is.

CNN also says that there is no way to even know a baby’s sex after birth, despite the presence of one set of genitalia or another.

“It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth,” CNN maintains.

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Last we checked, the consensus has always been that having a penis makes you a boy, and having a vagina makes you a girl. It really is as simple as that.

To CNN, though, there is no way to know the sex of a newborn baby until that baby visits a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and decides to become a “trans,” at which point the baby’s sex is confirmed.

Until then, a baby’s parents are not to decide the child’s gender or sex because that would be an act of “transphobia,” which is the greatest sin of all in the United States in 2021.

A good rule of thumb in today’s America is to “identify” as whatever will benefit you most

As for Noem’s executive orders, neither of them specifically mentions transgender athletes or anything of the sort. What they do mention is the harm caused by allowing males to participate in women’s athletics.

Regardless of what CNN chooses to believe, men are biologically stronger than women, at least until they become emasculated by the toxic American food supply, toxic American religion, and toxic American culture at large.

Women, generally speaking, cannot compete against men. We have seen this scenario all across the U.S. as female athletes are dominated by men posing as women.

These men end up stealing victories, and thus scholarships, from women who are rendered second class within their own sports. Noem is trying to address this problem by issuing executive orders.

As insane as this all is, it just goes to show that in order to get by in today’s America, it is critical to identify as whatever sex, gender, or race will bring in the most benefits.

At the bottom of the totem pole are white males, which means the easiest solution if you land in this category is to become “trans” and identify as black. Doing so will award you many benefits that you otherwise would not receive as a white male.

Becoming a “woman of color” is arguably the most effective way to ensure that society respects you, gives you a job, and treats you with dignity. To remain a white male, on the other hand, will get you nowhere in today’s America.

The same is true for newborn babies who, if they exit the womb with white skin and natural genitalia, are already at a systematic disadvantage in life. The sooner they “transition” to another gender or race, the better off they will be in today’s America.

As insane as this all sounds, it is the only logical outcome based on the version of reality being pushed by the likes of CNN. In this anything-goes world of gender and racial insanity, why not choose to identify as whatever will bring in the most benefits for yourself?

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