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Pfizer covid vaccine that was fraudulently “approved” by the FDA is the same one that’s FAILING in Israel, a nation now brought to the brink of a new covid CRISIS, even with an 80% vaccination rate

Pfizer covid vaccine that was fraudulently “approved” by the FDA is the same one that’s FAILING in Israel, a nation now brought to the brink of a new covid CRISIS, even with an 80% vaccination rate

(Natural News) A major health crisis is sweeping Israel, thanks to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” New “cases” of the Chinese Virus are soaring and the culprit, experts now admit, is the jabs.

Despite overwhelming compliance with the government’s vaccine push, vaccinated Israelis are still getting sick and spreading that sickness to others, including those who took the jabs.

With roughly 80 percent of the country now “fully vaccinated,” Israel was supposed to be a shining example of how to end a “pandemic.” Instead, it has become the elephant in the room illustrating the total failure of “Operation Warp Speed.”

After Israel achieved what the government claimed as “herd immunity” following mass vaccination, most of Israel returned back to normal, only to then see a surge in sickness just weeks later.

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The country is now far worse off than it was before the vaccines were introduced, and the vaccines are to blame. The plandemic would have ended many months ago had the “experts” let the first round of the virus run its course.

“Israel reported 9,831 new diagnosed cases on Tuesday, a hairbreadth away from the worst daily figure ever recorded in the country – 10,000 – at the peak of the third wave,” reported The Daily Beast.

“More than 350 people have died of the disease in the first three weeks of August.”

Israeli hospitals are full to capacity with sick, vaccinated patients

In a recent press conference, the directors of seven public hospitals across Israel soberly announced that they can no longer admit any more Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) patients because they are full to capacity.

The effect of most of the country getting injected is that another “wave” of sickness and death is sweeping the land, driving the nation to the brink of a major public health disaster.

“I don’t want to frighten you,” announced Israeli coronavirus czar Dr. Salman Zarka to the country’s parliament. “But this is the data. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t lie.

The self-proclaimed experts have been reluctant to blame the injections, of course, instead choosing to blame “all the vectors,” whatever that is supposed to mean. Anyone who is paying attention, though, can clearly see that the vaccines have not only failed but made things exponentially worse.

“We are still in the midst of a pandemic, and there is no silver bullet,” stated Hagai Levine, a Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor epidemiology, to The Daily Beast.

Speaking of The Daily Beast, this far-left news outlet has chosen to blame “Israelis returning from foreign vacations during the weeks in which Israel dropped all restrictive measures” for the latest surge in new cases. It also mentions a “worrisome decrease in vaccine efficacy after about six months” as another drive.

This six-month efficacy narrative seems to be the new media talking point, which is setting things up for the next phase of “booster” shots coming to a town near you. In the end, the goal of the medical fascists is to jab everyone semi-annually for Chinese Germs for the rest of their lives.

Doing this will of course destroy vaccinated people’s natural immunity, making them lifelong customers for Big Pharma. In turn, lots of new cash will be generated for the pharmaceutical barons at the expense of public health.

This is the approach that Israel and nearly every other country that went along with last year’s plandemic script is taking to help “stop the spread.” No mention is ever made about healthy living or prevention, of course, which would actually put a stop to all the madness without the need for any more injections.

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