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Pittsburgh bridge collapsed because leftist leaders diverted money for support beams to “woke” causes instead

Pittsburgh bridge collapsed because leftist leaders diverted money for support beams to “woke” causes instead

(Natural News) Despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus funding from the federal government, the city of Pittsburgh is seeing bridges collapse because Democrat leadership spent the money on “green” energy projects, universal basic income (UBI) pipe dreams and “dismantling systemic racism” initiatives.

The most recent bridge collapse occurred over Frick Park on Forbes Avenue. Local residents had reported years ago that the bridge’s beams were rusting out and that conditions did not look good, but the city ignored the pleas for help.

“I hope someone is keeping an eye on the underside of the Forbes Avenue bridge over Frick Park?” wrote someone three years ago on Pittsburgh infrastructure report portal. “One of the big ‘X’ beams is rusted through entirely (and, yes, I see the cables, so it’s probably not a crisis).”

Fast-forward to today and that same bridge has now collapsed, with many others around the city on the verge of doing the same since leftist leadership has decided that its “woke” pet projects are far more important.

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“Pittsburgh has 446 bridges,” reported Climate Depot.

“The most in the world. Almost 40% of them are currently in poor condition. Meanwhile, over 40 years of democratic leadership has diverted funds to art projects, bike lanes and incentives for Silicon Valley tech companies to headquarter here.”

Pennsylvania pays some of the highest gas taxes in the country and has some of the worst infrastructure

Pittsburgh apparently has a lot of other infrastructure problems as well that stem from the same misguided budget agenda. A few years ago, a sinkhole opened up right in the middle of the city and swallowed half of a public transit bus.

The bus reportedly protruded upwards from the street gap for weeks before anything was done about it.

In other areas of the city, collapsing bridges have had to receive netting built underneath them to protect cars down below from being smashed by crumbling concrete pieces falling from the dilapidated structures.

Keep in mind that Pennsylvanians currently pay some of the highest gas taxes in the country at almost $1 a gallon. Hilariously, all of this is supposedly going towards infrastructure, even as Pennsylvania ranks at the bottom of the country.

Before anyone blames it on salt and cold weather, some of the best roads are in South Dakota,” reported Climate Depot, noting that the “red” state of South Dakota is doing a much better job keeping its infrastructure up to standards.

Pittsburgh also suffers from high levels of crime, which is also being ignored as city leaders focus on UBI programs, which received a whopping $2.5 million in funding back in August.

The city also spent $500 million it received under Obama to build a measly 1.2 miles of light rail to carry passengers for “free” to Steelers games. All of that money could have gone towards the crumbling bridges, which are far more important to deal with, but once again the city’s Democrat leadership had other ideas.

“The North Shore Connector ranks 3rd in the country on the list of most wasted stimulus fund projects,” Climate Depot added about another failed project in Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, a leaked internal memo from PennDot, explains that its current focus involves a “Dismantling Systemic Racism and Inequities Report” that assessed the departments “diversity and inclusion efforts to better understand structural racism in transportation generally, and evaluated programs and initiatives that could help with these issues.”

One of the recommendations made was to create a new position to lead this process, as well as to come up with other “diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.” That position was awarded to a white woman named Nicole Tyler.

More related news about the collapse of America can be found at Collapse.news.

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