Please help me fight Facebook today

Things had been going very well for both of our sites, but Murphy’s Law happens.

Facebook has suspended me for violating community standards for a factual post about Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe.

When Facebook suspends me, they also take out our Facebook page and a good chunk of traffic. (About 1500 visitors a day on DC Clothesline and 1000 a day on DC Dirty Laundry). I am the only moderator of that page, and for good reason. I had other moderators, years ago, and was infiltrated by a liberal troll. I won’t do that again. Our message can not be compromised.

So I’m asking you if you can do a little extra sharing for the next couple of days. It looks like my suspension will end sometimes Friday.

Trending: The Democrats Were Founded by Racists and Their REAL Intent is to EXTERMINATE the African-American Population

If you could pick just 3 or 4 articles from today, and share them on all of your social sites, forums, send them by email, whatever… it would be quite helpful and I would be quite grateful.

By all means I would not want you to share anything you don’t believe in or feel compelled to pass along. But if you can find some things you feel good about, please help me spread the word.

Would you do that for me?

Thanks and God Bless,

Dean Garrison, Publisher

Today’s articles, please share a few if you can:

Judge Napolitano’s Shocking Transformation Into Deep State Cheerleader

Democrats reiterate vow to crack down on gun owners in 2019

Felony Charges for Philly Antifa Attackers of US Marines

Never Trumpers Who Accuse Trump Of Being A Russian Spy Are Funded By Backer Of Russian Spy Site

The CDC has lied about vaccines and autism for 14 years… Weston A Price Foundation sounds the alarm

Pelosi Confirms Democrats Targeting New Gun Legislation With House Takeover

Muslim Policeman Murders Two Christians While Guarding Their Church in Egypt

Incoming Communists Ready A Bill That Will CRIMINALIZE Private Gun Sales

10 years ago, Al Gore warned the North Polar Ice cap would be gone by the year 2013… It’s still there

ICE appears to be preparing for border war, orders 18,750 rounds of tactical rifle ammo FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE

Thanks for your support… past, present and future. Together we will continue to spread the truth and I believe that, with the Grace of God, the truth will win in the end.


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