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Poland runs out of ammunition, can no longer send supplies to Ukraine

Poland runs out of ammunition, can no longer send supplies to Ukraine

(Natural News) Ukraine is running out of imported munitions from countries like Poland, which said “we simply don’t have the ammunition” in a recent statement about the matter.

While Russia has more than enough bullets to keep the war going indefinitely, Ukraine is running dry, according to Polish Armed Forces chief of staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak, who added that he is pessimistic about Ukraine’s position in all this.

“There is nothing that indicates that Russia will lack the resources to continue the conflict,” Andrzejczak said while speaking at a strategy session of the National Security Bureau.

Sanctions are not enough to stop Russia from having the funds it needs to continue the war, Andrzejczak went on to state, adding that Poland can no longer supply Ukraine’s needs in the conflict.

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“We simply don’t have the ammunition,” he said. “Our industry isn’t ready to send the equipment to Ukraine and to maintain our own dwindling reserves.”

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Ukraine isn’t winning the war against Russia

Andrzejczak would go on during the session to explain that “war is not the business of soldiers,” but is rather “a question of politics with economic factors involving finance, infrastructure, technology, food, and a range of other problems that you have to figure into the equation to be able to understand it.”

“Ukraine is experiencing huge financial problems,” he added – this despite the billions of dollars in “aid” that the Biden regime, Poland, and others throughout the West have been sending to Volodymyr Zelensky.

It turns out that Ukraine is not doing so well in the war, and that Russia still and will likely continue to have the upper hand. Andrzejczak said the security situation that Poland now faces because of this is bleak, adding that “an honest assessment of the threats was still both a surprise and a shock” for most Western leaders.

Putting all the media propaganda aside, Ukraine is not winning the war, and it appears that Russia will prevail. And there is still no indication that the Ukrainians who fled their country in early 2022 will be able to return any time soon because of it.

Andrzejczak expects that the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius will be “a summit to define our credibility, of NATO, and the whole of the West” concerning the war. If the response to the Russian invasion turns out to have been “late” or lacking in determination, then the prospects of Ukraine having a secure future are bleak.

Poland and France have been sparring as of late about who will prevail in being the contract nation of choice for producing ammunition for Ukraine.

Right now, France has contracts with the European Union (EU), which has been purchasing ammunition for Ukraine. Poland has been fighting with France over these contracts, trying to work out a plan for it to hold the contracts instead.

“The main point of contention: How much to restrict the money to EU manufacturers, and whether to include companies in places like the U.S. and U.K. France has been leading a charge to keep the money within the bloc, irking some of its EU compatriots,” reported Politico about the matter.

“The joint ammunition buying plan is part of a three-stage process that EU leaders approved last month in the hopes of quickly getting Ukraine much-needed ammunition … The first stage will feature EU countries transferring shells from their own stocks to Kyiv, while the second stage involves joint purchases. The third stage aims to ensure EU manufacturers are capable of meeting Europe’s defense needs.”

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