President Trump, Don’t Underestimate Our Numbers

Fake News

Last year (May 2018) the Washington Post ran an article headlined “Americans vastly overestimate the number of gun owners.” Instead of relying on past PEW Research studies for actual gun ownership, they “estimated” the number down to 25%. Respondents to their survey had to guess the “real” number, and, of course, overshot their bogus baseline. 

I would suggest that our president and Republican members of Congress pay close attention to the actual data.

In 2017 Pew Research published their report on gun ownership which can be found here:

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 Let me just summarize the important findings. 

  1. Thirty percent (30%) of adults own a gun
  2. Another eleven percent (11%) live in a house with a gun owner
  3. Of non-gun owners, thirty-six percent (36%) could see owning a gun in the future
  4. Only thirty-three percent (33%) said they would never own a gun

Perhaps even more important to Republicans and this president is the breakdown by political party:

  1. Republican gun ownership was forty-one percent (41%)
  2. Independents who LEAN republican was forty-four percent (44%)

 Roughly three-quarters of Americans who currently own a gun (73%) say they can’t see themselves ever not owning one, and this is the case among majorities of gun owners across demographic groups.” (Pew Research)

In other words, “Keep your slimy mitts off our firearms!” 

Perhaps the most important take-away from the Pew study is the fact it relies on SELF reporting. How many gun owners would have refused to participate or given bogus information to some stranger calling to ask about their guns?

It isn’t surprising that the liberal stink tank at the Washington Post would run fake news about gun ownership. I just hope our illustrious representatives in Washington realize our real numbers, but the only way to insure that is to contact your Congressional reps and the president. 

Our forefathers fought a bloody eight-year war so we could have these rights…take fifteen minutes to show them you appreciate yours.

David L. Brockett

Born 04/30/1948
Former U.S.M.C. Captain and Aviator (1968-74)
Vietnam Veteran
Veteran Crisis Counselor
Hospital Administrator
Graduated University of North Texas (summa cum laude) 1980


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