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Proposed new Texas law would demand safety studies for vaccines… no wonder the entire vaccine industry opposes it

Proposed new Texas law would demand safety studies for vaccines… no wonder the entire vaccine industry opposes it

(Natural News) While the rest of the country is advancing towards medical tyranny, legislators from the Lone Star State are working to preserve health freedom. State lawmakers have put forth multiple vaccine measures that need support. One such measure, S.B. 2350, will mandate the need for legitimate vaccine safety studies. Legislators are also pushing to ensure no parent is forced to vaccine their child in the state of Texas.

Proponents of the vaccine industry have been quick to label these efforts as “misinformation” intended to “stoke fear” about vaccine safety.

Ironically, many of these pro-vaccine rags blither on about measles “outbreaks” while disparaging dissent to the vaccine narrative — even though most outbreaks are actually caused by the measles vaccine. Remember folks, its only “fear-mongering” if you’re going against the grain. The fact of the matter is that vaccine propagandists rely heavily on scare tactics and self-aggrandizement to encourage compliance with pharmaceutical dogma. Without those two tools, vaccines would be seen for what they are: poison.

Texas legislators demand vaccine safety studies

Senator Bob Hall (R) recently introduced S.B. 2350, a bill which would mandate the necessity of legitimate safety studies before a vaccine can be administered by healthcare providers. As Tenth Amendment Center reports, the bill will toughen up on vaccine safety requirements and how safety studies are performed.

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As Natural News has previously reported, it is not at all uncommon for Big Pharma (and their government pawns) to manipulate data in their favor. Recall the CDC’s treasonous act of scientific fraud regarding the MMR vaccine for proof of how far that stain has spread.

While vaccine propagandists like to pretend vaccine science is infallible, that notion simply couldn’t be further from the truth. The new regulations proposed by SB 2350 would mandate “sufficient” time for vaccine side effects to be observed post-vaccination in safety studies, and would also demand that all vaccines be evaluated for their ability to cause cancer, fertility issues, neurological changes and other unintended consequences.

You can read S.B. 2350 in full here.

More bills to preserve health freedom in Texas

Sen. Hall is not alone in his efforts to fight for health freedom in the state of Texas. Representative Bill Zedler (R) has introduced H.B. 4274, a bill which will require healthcare providers to obtain informed consent before administering a vaccine.

Under Zedler’s informed consent bill, providers must give patients (or their caregivers) information on the risks and benefits of vaccination and a list of the ingredients in every vaccine administered. Information on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, and what recourse patients have in the event of vaccine injury, must also be disclosed.

Zedler told reporters that he is “adamantly opposed to people being forced” into vaccinating their children. He’s also stated that people should have the freedom to choose what, if any, vaccines their kids get.

You can read H.B. 4274 in full here.

Rep. Matt Krause is also leading the charge on a new bill designed to simplify the process of filing a vaccine exemption, H.B. 1490. Under this bill, the Texas Department of State Health Services would be prohibited from “maintaining a record” of vaccine exemptions. The legislation would also make it easier for Texas residents to obtain a vaccine exemption form. Currently, citizens must submit a written request to the state health department. If the bill passes, exemption forms will be available online, making the whole process much more accessible.

You can read H.B. 1490 in full here.

These bills need support in order to pass. You can find out who your Texas representatives are here. For all those concerned with preserving health freedom in the United States, the time to act is now. Vaccine tyranny has already come to states like California and New York. It’s time to send Big Pharma a message they won’t soon forget: Medical tyranny isn’t welcome here.

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