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Psycho vaccine pusher runs her SUV over the car of an “anti-vaxxer” and brags on video

Psycho vaccine pusher runs her SUV over the car of an “anti-vaxxer” and brags on video

(Natural News) Canadian police refuse to press charges against a psycho vaccine pusher who used her vehicle to attack innocent people who were standing up for their freedoms. The belligerent woman was also recorded vandalizing personal property and threatening people alongside the road. The videos show that the woman had clear intent to harm others. The belligerent woman even bragged online about ramming her vehicle into an “anti-vaxxer.” During the incident, she forcefully sideswiped a vehicle she had previously struck from the rear. Ironically, she nearly toppled her SUV in the process and was stalled, her right-side tires spinning in midair.

This criminal behavior comes after CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem called on Canadians to end the freedom protest using aggressive means, which included slashing trucker’s tires. Despite the threats, the Canadian Freedom Convoy remains undeterred and will not accept anything less than an end to ALL mandates and vaccine passports.

Psycho woman uses her vehicle to attack freedom protestors

So far, Canadian police have only issued a warning for “negligent driving,” despite the woman showing clear intent to harm innocent people and to destroy private property. It’s becoming apparent that brown shirt Canadian police will use vaccine-pushing leftists to their advantage. The Canadian police are starting to stand down when violent leftists destroy property and threaten innocents who are standing up for their freedoms. This law enforcement cowardice was similarly witnessed during the left-wing social justice riots of 2020, when innocents were attacked, their property destroyed.

The incident in Canberra was filmed. A Freedom protestor (whose car was clearly marked in support of the Freedom Convoys) was apparently rear-ended. After being hit, the Freedom protestor did the right thing. She parked her car, got out, and asked the driver behind her for her license. She filmed the exchange, capturing a belligerent leftist in the act. Online, the attacker refers to herself as Chantal Jasmine Fox. When confronted, she immediately went into an abusive rage.

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Approaching the attacker’s window, the freedom protestor asked, “What are you doing?”

Chantal screamed backed: “What are you doing – you f**king bogan sl*t? Get the f**k out of Canberra. Go and get a job and find something better to do with f**king time. What have you done?”

“Can I please have your license?” the freedom protestor asked.

Gaslighting, Chantal screamed, “You just reversed into me. I have a f**cking camera-”

The freedom protestor tried to set the record straight, before being interrupted: “Ah … sorry. We’re at a traffic light and you…”

Caught in her lies, Chantal balked, “Sweetheart, the media doesn’t care about you.”

The woman did not waste her time arguing with the unhinged Chantal. She went to the other side of Chantal’s car and recorded her license plate.

Chantal leaned against her steering wheel and hollered, “What are you looking for?”

“Don’t you worry-” the Freedom protestor asserted, before the camera was jolted, as if she was pushed by someone else.

“Yeeeeeeah! So get the f**k out of Canberra! There are a lot of us.” Chantal screamed, before hitting the gas pedal. She sped off in her SUV , driving straight into the side of the woman’s car. Chantal’s vehicle was immediately stopped, with two wheels suspended in the air, rammed up against the vehicle she just struck.

Horrified, the freedom protestor screams, “YOU F**KING IDIOT!”

Chantal later bragged online, claiming to have “parked my car on an antivaxxer.” She also claims that the police won’t be pressing charges and the freedom protestor was forced to pay for the tow. ACT Police reported to Rebel News that they responded to the crash at 10:15 on Saturday, February 12th. “Police spoke to both drivers and confirmed there were no injuries as a result of the collision. Inquiries relating to the incident are continuing and infringements or charges may be laid. ACT Policing urges all drivers to remain patient on our roads and to drive safely.” The psycho vaccine pusher received a mere infringement notice for negligent driving, even though it is obvious she intended to cause harm.

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